Phil Reynolds Rates Our Xpands

phil_r_1Angler : Phil Reynolds
Venue : Woodside
Carp to 18lb

Practise day
Attended local venue which has been fairly good to me in the past, winning matches from different areas on the pool using different methods. Today I opted to fish long pole using pellet due to conditions as it was quite cloudy with the odd shower.

I decided to fish in open water rather than island pegs as they are quite snaggy with a few patches of lilly pads and the carp have a tendancy to run straight through the middle and lose rigs. Only drawback is you have to use their feed pellets but in all fairness they are a reasonable price and amount unlike some venues. My rig I was using was Preston orange float to 015 powerline and MT3 16 hook.

I started fishing at approx 11 metres with power top 2 with Maver retro to a pulla bung, using Xpand 6mm on the hook which were pumped the night before. Starting having bites instantly and picked off a few small carp and bream, I was feeding quite regular using 4mm with a couple of Xpand 6mm aswell to make the fish more interested in taking my hookbait. I also fed 6mm feed pellets down the edge to move onto as and when the bites dried up as a back up so after a few hours of catching carp to 5lb and bream to 2lb with couple of small tench I decided to have a try in the edge.

philr2This rig was a little heavier as tend to find better quality fish in the margins so stepped up in aspects ,small preston black dibber 018 stroft to mt3 14 hook and 8 mm Xpand hook bait, using polemaster bungee 16 in pulla top 2. Less than 20 seconds to get 1st bite and fish which approx 8lb and caught quite a few in approx 2 hours of good quality carp but the bites were a lot more cagey and found that the better fish were taken to half bites rather than the usual smash it under – the best coming in last half hour a carp to 18lb.

I must say I had a fantastic day pratising and really impressed with the Xpand pellet range of 6mm/8mm at how consistent they are and how well they stay on the hook – over the years I have used several expanders but will say that Bait-Tech have got this spot on and will never use another brand.

Overall rating – Excellent

Phil Reynolds


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