Ant Wood Tries Out The New Hybrid Hookbaits

ant_may31_1Well it seems ages since I’ve done a session report or for that matter been fishing.  I woke up this morning (31st May 2013) to sunlight blazing through the windows – so that was it I was off fishing.

I had been planning to fish Daisy’s pool or Harry’s pool at Jersey Wood Fishery, but was unsure if I would be able to considering access to the pools had been cut off from the main road and the new road hasn’t been built yet (hopefully going in next week).

So I arrived with the plan that if I couldn’t get to those lake then I would fish either of the day ticket lakes that are on the site.  Driving up to the day ticket lakes I found Chay in the middle of one of the lakes building a refuge for the fish.

ant_may31_2After a quick chat I asked if there was a way to get to the members lake or the specimen lake as I wanted to fish them. Chay then told me if I drove down the edge of a nearby field it would bring me out onto part of the old road and I would be able to drive round from there.

Okay, the field was still a bit wet so it was going to be interesting driving back up the hill when I left but for now I ventured round for the first time to see the members lake and specimen lake.  Now I knew the fish in the specimen lake had hardly been fished for so decided to give that a go.

What tactics to use?  I knew that the fish hadn’t seen any bait other than what they were fed on which was pellets so I decided I was going to float fish with the new Bait-Tech Hybrid Hookbaits on a carp rod and 12lb Line straight through to a size 10 hook and I would attach it using a Middy meat adaptor.

ant_may31_3I didn’t fish straightaway – baiting up a spot I liked the look of with four or five handfuls of Bait-Tech 4mm Carp & Coarse Pellets.  Then I went for a walk around the lake watching for bubbling and fish moving which wasn’t too difficult in parts as the water was crystal clear down to about 3ft and I could see some lovely fish swimming around.  So if my swim was no good I could always move around.

As I got back to my swim I could see quite a bit of activity so I cast the float past the swim and slowly brought the float back into the swim.  Within two minutes the float shot off and I was into my first fish, now I don’t know if you’ve ever been lucky enough to go fishing where the fish have hardly been caught but I’ll tell you now a 7lb carp that has never been caught fights harder than bigger carp that have been caught many times.

ant_may31_4So after a frantic battle with my rod nearly bending double at times I landed a pristine 7lb mirror carp.  Rebaiting the hook, I threw another handful of feed pellets out and cast out again.  This time it took about 5 minutes for the float to shoot off, but as I set the hook the fish just kept going and before I’d had time to adjust anything the line snapped just above the hook.

I tried a few different baits to see how they would work but I didn’t even get a knock on bread, robin red pellets, luncheon meat or sweetcorn.  Going back to the Hybrid Hookbaits I had a take within minutes of it going into the swim, unfortunately the fish came off but that was it the Hybrids were my new best friend on this lake.

As I was having a drink of squash the float tore off and by the time I got the rod the fish had hooked itself but it only stayed on for a minute or two.

ant_may31_5Casting back into my swim for the last time on this session I waited for a take and didn’t have to wait long as the float sailed away and I was into a fish, this time I had to jump out of my seat and run round the edge of the lake with the rod and landing net as the fish went shooting away round one of the islands.  Thankfully there were no trees on the island and after about 15 minutes I put the net under a very nice 10lb 3oz mirror carp.

Well that’s the end of a very enjoyable session and when I’m running low on the new Hybrid Hookbaits I will definitely be getting some more.

I hope you enjoyed my report and until next time tight lines and wet nets to you all.

Ant Wood
Street Squad

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