Q&A with match ace Steve Tucker

Q&A with match ace Steve Tucker

Neil from Yeovil asks:

Q: I seem to have trouble keeping the fish coming. Sometimes I’ll catch well for the first part of the match and then have a poor finish and other times it’s the other way around. I enter the odd open match but never usually do much good because of this. The top rods always seem to keep fish coming throughout the entire match. How can I correct this?

07.05.13_1A: From your question I would hazard a guess that you are quite regimented in your styles and methods of fishing. It sounds like you may be fishing one line and/or method for the duration of the match.

Try and be flexible and feed several swims so you have other places to go and fish. Quite often you will catch well for a period of time on a certain method, this then fades away as the swim weakens as you catch from it.

This is now the time to start thinking about when you should move to keep the bites coming. For instance, long and short pole.

I fished Viaduct Fishery last weekend and looked at my swim with four swims in mind. A long line where I would fish pellets on the waggler and bomb which I fed using a catapult, a long pole line to fish pellets and meat, a short pole swim for late on in the match where I will feed just meat and a margin line again for late in the match, again fed with meat.

Ntice_Polony_wBoosted_wI use a mixture of the Bait-Tech Boosted and N-Tice Meat for the two short lines and this will be built up ready to move to this to up my catch rate in the last hour or so of the match.

Although I didn’t win on this occasion I did manage to keep the fish coming and caught a lovely 160lb of carp, tench and bream.

It’s all about building swims and using them to keep the fish coming. Next time you’re out try feeding several lines and alternating between them to keep the bites coming.


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