Bait-Tech 2013… Are YOU Ready?! Press Release

2013 is set to be another massive year in the life of Bait-Tech.

After the huge success of their first DVD with Advanced Bait Solutions 1, the second instalment is about to hit the tackle shops – get ready!

Advanced Bait Solutions 2 is the next DVD production that sees Bait-Tech’s top stars fish a variety of waters using a variety of methods. Big names such as Albutt, Didcote, Harrell, Thompson plus many others will show you why they are rated as the best in the land. Watch Andy Neal and Steve Tucker go head to head on bream and see Dave Harrell uncover a method that could revolutionise river fishing as we know it… with more tackle, tips and up close bait clips, this must see free DVD will be in shops from April.

Watch the trailer:

Of course in true Bait-Tech fashion we haven’t stopped there… 2013 will see the first edition of Carp Catchers. Watch as this DVD uncovers the new Bait-Tech talent the carp world has been waiting for. With an in-depth look at the Bait-Tech product range and close up views on how to make the baits work for you. Whether it’s margin or surface fishing, long range spodding or a method approach. Let the Bait-Tech Carp Catchers help you put more fish on the bank! With tackle, tips and riggy bits.. check out Carp Catchers DVD Series 1 in a shop near you this spring.

Watch the trailer:

2013 New Products

26 years of experience and knowledge has once again proven paramount with the launch of 2013s new products from Bait-Tech. The second delicious groundbait in the Big Carp Method Mix range is Krill and Tuna – this Amino packed food item benefits from long range stimulants that are guaranteed to get a response. Click here for more details

Bait-Tech Super Method Mix is a sweet-spice blend that boast proven winning ingredients fish just can’t resist. A massive 2kg bad for a staggering £4.99… to find out more here:

Special G Pellets are said by many; ‘Simply the finest method feeder pellet available’. There is no other pellet that has the sheer quality that the Special G has. This is the most technically advanced, high specification feed pellet available. Find out more here

As well as this there are plenty more to get your teeth into. Visit us to see the full range of 2013 new items and choose which ones you will be catching on this year..

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