Martyn Davies

My latest Catch last Saturday from my local estate lake using the 2mm Special ‘G’ Feed Pellets PVA bagged with a 10mm Pineapple & Squid Hi-Viz Fluro Pop-Up.

After heading down for a cheeky 4 hour session a re-cast within 6 inches of the island had ‘take’ written all over it and no sooner had it been cast out was it away again.

martin_picWith a Tench type fight out in open water I wasn’t even convinced it was a Carp until it got under the rod tip. It decided to try and make a dash for the margin snags either side and after a great scrap under the rod tip it was netted at the first swoop and this lovely pristine common weighed 14lb exactly.

It was just as lively on the mat once unhooked but fortunately decided to play game and let me grab a few trophy shots. Also after reflecting back I realised this was the first of 2013 after limited time on the bank recently.

Until next time.. Martyn

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