Chris Holland’s Success with BCMM Sweet Coconut

chris_holl_1Here are a few lines about my use of Big Carp Method Mix Sweet Coconut…..

I first tried this bait whilst fishing a heavily fished tricky water in the Midlands. I first started to use it as a stick mix, just dampening it down with a small amount of Bait-Tech Sweet Coconut Liquid.

It worked well and put me a few good high 20’s on the bank but it wasn’t until I started to use this method mix as part of a spod mix that it really started to produce the bigger fish.


I put a full 2kg bag of it into a bucket and soak the mix in 5 pints of skimmed milk and 2 tablespoons of rock salt overnight and then add 2kg of corn and 1kg hemp. The reason for milk as a pose to water or condensed milk is due to the way that just regular skimmed milk keeps the different particles of the mix separate instead of them all just congealing together.

This in my eyes is vital, it enables the particles to flutter about freely and as soon as they come into contact with water. In my opinion this is a must in any spod mix, a real big fish catcher.

chris_holl3It’s put me lots of 30’s on the bank in the last 12 months to well over 35lb.

I wouldn’t go fishing without it !


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