Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Dave Roberts

Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Dave Roberts

Steve from Cirencester asks:

I’m looking to get on the rivers for some barbel fishing before the season closes. I know barbel feed well in high and coloured rivers. Does a groundbait and pellet attack still catch most fish or do other baits come into the equation during these times. I’ve caught some barbel before but never in the conditions like we face currently.

Dave Roberts says:

The last few weeks of the season are a great time to get out and catch Barbel. As they come out of their winter slumber and start thinking about spawning Barbel seem to feed more aggressively than at any other time of year. If you’re faced with coloured conditions then a Halibut groundbait cage feeder, packed with particles would be a good starter. I use the Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Method Mix as this mix is perfect for the job and really pungent with lots of high quality ingredients.

This will get some smell in the water as well laying down a carpet of feed. A big hookbait like 5 red maggots or a Halibut pellet should see bites quite quickly if there’s barbel in the area. The water will still be quite cold though so head for the deeper areas. The biggest challenge in high water will be keeping the bait as still as possible so make sure you use enough lead to achieve a static feeder.

On lower clearer rivers I would maybe look at a block-end approach with a mix of Hemp, casters and Halibut pellets. In these conditions I would look to get away with as little lead as possible and leaving a bow in the line will aid this. A sharp tug down on the line below the bottom rod eye will dislodge the feeder and ‘bounce’ it further down the swim, where fish may have backed off to. Alternating hookbaits will keep bites coming and this time of year Mighty Meat can be a brilliant ‘change’ bait.



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  1. Barry Mullen February 12, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    Dave. Once you’ve a bag of pellets, how long should you keep them before they lose their effectiveness?

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