Martyn Davies

This is my first carp after an 8 year absence from the carp scene and 2 months at my local park lake.

I have endured all weather conditions nature could throw at me and blanked on many day sessions to net this first winter carp and it was worth the wait.

There had been no other carpers braving the weather this winter and as others may have looked at me thinking I was mad it paid off in the end. The day it was banked I braved gale force winds and torrential rain without an umbrella I may add and after about 4 moves around certain spots around the lake I chucked to a margin approx 30 yards and had the take within minutes of putting the bait on this un-fished spot. It seems like the walnut sized PVA bag of Special ‘G’ Feed Pellets soaked in

CSL Chilli was too much for it to turn its nose up at. Within minutes of putting it out the alarm was screaming and I was in. After a great scrap under the rod tip I managed to net it at the second swipe. Unfortunately due to building my kit back up after many years out I had no scales to weigh it but that was no issue for me as just bagging this carp meant everything!

It gave a good account of itself and allowed me to wave down a passer by to grab a few trophy shots!

Roll on 2013! Tight lines!


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  1. Ian Hirst January 11, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    Nice result Martyn, sounds like you really worked hard for that carp.
    Its a great tactic soaking pellets in CSL

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