Winter Carp Tips with Lee Rudge

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During winter, location is very important! Finding the fish can be very difficult at times, but if you spend enough time beside your chosen lake, then you will sometimes see signs of carp in certain areas of the lake. It is often a good idea to cast at showing fish during the winter, and I find a good bait to use are these Bait-Tech fluro pop-ups! Try fishing them in conjunction with a chod rig and regularly re-cast to different areas of the lake, but if you see a carp surface, wind in an recast over the top of where the carp showed, as this can often get you a run when all else fails.


In cold water I have found that small, sweet baits seem to work well on most waters. The range of Bait-Tech’s  flavoured Sweetcorn is excellent, and I like to use two or three grains on a hair rig and attach a small PVA bag of pellets to the hook. I only fish two rods during the winter, so I am keeping the amount of lines in the crystal clear water to a minimum, so what I like to do is recast on rod  regularly to different areas in the hope of picking up a fish and with the other rod I will recast regularly to the same  spot to try and build up a little area of bait.


A slightly different way to concentrate a small patch of bait in one area is to use the method feeder and these little method boilies are a great bait to use. I like to use smallish feeders during the colder months, alongside one of these brightly coloured baits. They are very visual in clear water and any passing carp can not fail to spot them.


Tiger nuts are a great bait in winter, and these ‘Growlers’ from Bait-Tech are the best tigers I have ever used. Try using a single hair rigged growler with a small bag of towel dried tigers, or you could chop one in half and fish it back to back on the hair, with a mesh bag of chopped tigers. I also find that super seed hemp compliments growlers well, so try feeding this alongside your free offerings of chopped and whole growlers!



2 Responses to Winter Carp Tips with Lee Rudge

  1. Rod Hart October 5, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    It is nice to see regardless that anglers from various concerns are passing on tip’s for all to hoist in,
    Forty years ago all you would have gotten if you had asked, from the then so called angling elite was a grunt at best.

    Thank you Bait Tech for sharing these tip’s with us.

    • Bait-Tech October 18, 2015 at 6:33 pm

      it’s a pleasure, thanks for the great comment. It’s all about enjoying your fishing and we’re happy to share the love.

      Tight lines

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