Quick Session on Bread and Pellets

Well I’m not getting out as much as I’d like to but still managing to squeeze the odd session in and today was one of those days – I managed to squeeze a 3 hour session in.

As I hadn’t been up there for a while I thought I would give my club water a try and see what was happening.  My choice of bait was half a loaf of bread and a bag of 6mm Bait-Tech Marine Halibut Pellets.  I decided to go mobile and take a float rod, landing net, unhooking mat and a few spare bits in case of getting snapped.

So after dropping the children off at school and my wife back at home, I loaded the car up and headed off. I thought I would prepare a swim with some pellets before going and having a stalk round the lake to see if there was any Carp in the margins, after a while walking round I found one and gently lowered a piece of bread in front of it, now normally on this lake that would result in a take however on this occasion the fish just looked at it and then swam off.

Okay so I wasn’t going to get any off the top today, so I made my way back round to the swim I’d put some pellets in to find it fizzing away with bubbles nicely.

I banded a pellet on the bottom of the hook and cast over the swim by about 2 foot before gently reeling the float back into the swim.  The fizzing immediately stopped, had I scared the fish off? I wasn’t sure but as there was no other signs on the lake I put a handful of pellets in and waited to see what would happen.  After about 10 minutes the float shot away and I was in to my first fish, I played it for a few minutes before slipping the net under a nice Carp of around 6-7lb.  While I’d been waiting for the float I’d set my phone up to try and take a self take shot using the bread as a stand,  as you can tell from the photo I really need to try and build some sort of bracket for my phone to sit in lol.

Anyway I put another pellet on and cast out following up with another handful of pellets, this time the float slid away almost instantly and I was into a smaller fish this time a nice Roach of around 7oz, this was quickly followed by a few more of similar size plus a rogue skimmer.  At this stage the swim went dead now that either means the fish are fed up if getting caught or there’s bigger fish around, hoping git was the second option I continued to feed the swim and hope.  Thankfully the float shot off again and this time a nice Carp of around 3lb graced the net.

Obviously the Carp had decided to move into the swim as I caught several Carp upto 5lb very quickly one after the other.  All in all it was a fantastic session on a cold November day so don’t put your gear away just yet, I’ve had some of my best fishing session throughout the Winter.


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