Method Feeder Fishing – Adam Aplin

Fishing the method feeder at the local pond in Shillingford St George targeting the small fish out of all the ponds.

The bottom pond I started fishing at 8am – the weather was not good rain and fog but was looking forward to wet a line. Being the only one on the pond I had a good choice of swims to choose from. I found a nice water feature near to the top of the pond where some fish were showing.

Fishing two rod lengths out 4 casts in and still no bite but I was confident in the baits I was using. I could feel the fish feeding whilst I was holding the rod and a few seconds later I hooked in to the first fish which was a 10.2lb common carp after that fish I changed my hook bait from sweetcorn to a green shellfish boilie casting back out it took all of 30 seconds for the rod to bend over a slow fight a nice bream of around 1lb.

The fishing was slow all day –  biggest carp of 10.02lb and the smallest of 2.6lb all were commons.

Baits used
8mm green shellfish boilies
Kult Carp mix
Sweet corn
6mm pellets

Tackle used
Matt Hayes feeder rod
2oz tip
Fox hooks size 10
30g method feeder

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