Fishing the Method Feeder with Adam

Fishing the method feeder – Adam Aplin

I was fishing Kia Ora Ponds – started fishing around 7:30 am and it was a cold and cloudy morning.

Using the method feed is one of my favorite ways to fish, it’s an accurate way of getting the bait on the deck without it all coming apart,  quick mix it to together with some high quality products and the fish don’t take long to find it.

I was fishing peg 13 around 4-5 ft out to the side of an island. First cast and I was in – it was a little 4.36lb mirror, it was a scrapper nearly took my rod out of the rod rest whilst fishing the island!

I put a few small balls of feed down in the margins and 2 hours of catching plenty of fish at the island, I decided to rest the swim and try the margins which had attracted some fish under my feed.

Slowly lowering the feeder in the water I sat back and waited for that tip to bend over in which it did, using the drag to an advantage after stopping the fish from getting in the weed he was in the net – a lovely 11.42lb common.

Fishing was good all day got commons, ghosts and leathers.

Baits used:
Bait-Tech Super Seed Parti Mix
Special G Green groundbait
Sweet corn

Tackle used:
Matt Hayes feeder rod
2oz tip
Mustard hook 10/12
Main line 8lb
Hook line 6lb
10g innovations inline feeder


2 Responses to Fishing the Method Feeder with Adam

  1. Danny@ Fishing Singapore October 21, 2012 at 7:14 am

    Hey There Baittech,
    This question may be a little off-topic, Im about to start fishing the method along with my semi fixed bolt rig set up for my carp :).
    Im new to method feeder fishing so should i put groundbait,pellets or boilies on the method feeder or should i fish a mixture?
    Also how do i put the bait on the method feeder?.
    Do i push my hookbait into the pile of groundbait? so that it is clearly visible to the fish or do i leave it trailing 4 or 5 inches behind?
    Thanks for any help as it is greatly appreciated.
    Tight Lines
    P.s sorry if ive been to bold but im in a rush! 😀
    I look forward to your next post

    • Bait-Tech October 22, 2012 at 8:41 pm

      Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal says:
      Method fishing is the most exciting way to catch fish. Once used it is the most effective way of catching. You mustn’t forget there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to feed and bait. Trial and error will get you catching, pellets, groundbait and a mixture of both around the feeder are the norm. as for which is best this will vary from day to day so always carry both 2 days are never the same. As for set ups, method fishing is best using a short hooklink. 4 inches is the norm and this works because of the way fish feed on the method ball. Bury your hookbait in the groundbait or pellets and as this breaksdown or gets eaten by fish your hookbait will become exposed and be eaten. Due to the super short link as the fish moves the hook will be pulled into the fishes mouth under the tension of the weight of the feeder. The fish feels the hook and weight of the feeder, bolts off and your rod goes around… fish on!

      As for loading a method. Buy a method that comes with a mould just like the frenzee ones. Simply sprinkle some bait into the mould, add your hookbait, cover this and fill the mould with more bait and then push you feeder into it. Push this into the mould hard and then release the sides to uncover the moulded feeder. Then cast out and wait for the tip to be pulled around.

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