Andy Neal – Cash in with Barbel

Top tips with Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal

With so many of my good friends cashing in on the excellent barbel fishing this summer I simply had to go and get a piece for myself.

Catching these wonderful creatures has never been easier as a lot of our rivers are now teaming with them. Simple approaches always pay off and a feeder attack with groundbait and pellets can usually guarantee some arm aching sport.

Days of gallons of maggots are long gone and arriving on the river my bait bag consisted of a couple of bags of Bait-Tech Halibut Marine pellets in 3 and 4mm for feeding, a tub of Pre-Drilled Halibut Hookers and a bag of Halibut Marine Method Mix. It couldn’t be simpler.

Tackle was of course beefed up to suit with strong lines and a rod with enough power to not only land the fish but also cast the heavy 4oz feeders I was using. Powerful stuff for big powerful fish!


Barbel magnets! Hi oil content in these pellets give a slow breakdown meaning a long release of flavour into the flow. Couple that with the instant flavour hit of the Halibut Groundbait and action should be instant.


Hookbaits that are not for the faint hearted. This 16mm Super Halibut Pellet is ideal and will certainly pick out the bigger fish.


This was the biggest of 6 fish caught in a short afternoon session. Bites were savage as they homed in on the pellets. One thing is for sure, they’ll certainly make your arm ache!


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  1. nancy l wikstrom November 16, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    i’m from iliamna alaska we have a lodge on lake iliamna,i was watching one of your shows this morning and saw the halibit pellets…was wondering if you think that these pellets would work on our fish species out here..would love to try these pellets..we also have the great New Halen river out our back door as well..we’re known for our salmon runs here and have lots of fishing clients every year..also have lake trout,rainbows,dollyvarden,grayling,white fish,and pike…thought i might try some ice fishing this winter and if that goes well,i’ll have some pellets on hand for our fishing clients..a chat back would be great with your thoughts on pellets for our area…thanks nancy

  2. Justin Beale November 21, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    Hi Nancy…

    Wow, what a great question! So to try to answer your question, here goes….. Although i am not 100% sure they will catch all of those species it is definitely worth trying.. All of these fish will certainly be attracted to our pellets that is for sure, for example I have caught Salmon on the River Wye with our halibut pellet. I think the trickiest species will be the pike but that does not mean they will not pick up a pellet, as they do! As you are in Alaska i am assuming very cold water temperatures, so i would recommend not only the pellets mentioned in this article, but also to give our Hybrid hook pellet a try, these are softer pellets and will release their flavours quicker and be more attractive, quicker. I use these on our UK rivers in the cold and catch plenty of fish. Also, i would recommend coating the pellet with a our X-Cite Chiili Oil, this will give the pellet a great spicy kick that will further add attraction in cold water, this combination i am sure will work for all of these species. You could also consider using our pellet in conjunction with Predator plus liquids, you could even use this on your lures, a friend of mine does this and has some great results!
    Anyway, i suppose the true answer to your question is, absolutely has to be worth a try and i am confident that our Halibut and Hybrid pellet and liquid attractors will catch you some fish…. Give them a go and they might just bank you a few more fish, i wish i was there to join you in experimenting to see the outcome… please let us know how you get on and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any more questions, one of the team would be delighted to help!


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