Adam on the Method Feeder

Method Feeder – catches by Adam Aplin

Fishing the method feeder at the local pond Shillingford St George on the middle pond called King Fisher. It was a nice clear day turning up to the pond at 10am when looking around the pond I could see some carp on the top and a few were crashing.

The set up was 10g method feeder with 3mm fishmeal pellets to go on the feeder with N-Tice Polony hair rigged with a size 10 hook. I was fishing around 4-5 foot out just in the margin which has an over grown bush hanging over it.

After a few casts building a nice swim I could see bubbles so I knew there were fish ripping up the bottom. It was not before long the rod tip went slack winding in some line I set the hook after a nice battle I was happy to land a 7.25 lb common. The fish could not resist the pellet and the N-Tice Polony.

After have a few fish from the swim I went and tried the smaller pond of 3 called Willow Pool, changing the hook link with a size 12 hook after casting to the island 6-7 foot away using the same baits. After 5 minutes the rod tip bent around and the fish went boring for the weeds. Using the rod like a spring I was able to net a nice 10.45lb.

Fishing steady all day, all fish landed where common from 7.25lb to 10.45lb – good days fishing

Tackle used:
Matt Hayes feeder rod
3oz tip
Mustard hook 10/12
Main line 8lb
Hook line 6lb
10g innovations inline feeder
Baits used:
Bait-Tech 3mm Fishmeal Carp Pellets
Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Method Mix
N-Tice Polony cut into cubes

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