Bag Up with Bait-Tech

Top tip with Lee Rudge.


Special ‘G’ Green groundbait is one of my favourite groundbaits to use. I use it in many different ways. It is such a versatile mix, with a lovely fishy aroma and many different species of fish love it! I often use Special ‘G’ to stodge up my spod mixes when carp fishing, but it truly is an awesome all rounder and can be brilliant when used on commercials!


I regularly start off my session by introducing two or three golf ball sized offerings of Special ‘G’ just to kick start the swim, and I find on many of my waters that this tactic works well! As the session goes by, I will introduce more balls of grondbait when I feel like the swim could do with a ‘boost’ and bites are hard to come by!


N Tice hooker pellets are a great hookbait to use, and I find that they compliment the Special ‘G’ really well! I find it best to change the pellets regularly to make sure that you always have a smelly, attractive hookbait, thus increasing your chances of a fish finding your bait in coulored water! It’s not just Carp that love the meaty taste of N Tice pellets – they are also fantastic for Tench and Bream!


X Pand hook and feed pellets are brilliant!! I feed them along with other small items of food, to keep the Fish grubbing around in the swim! I will also prepare some the night before my session, by putting a small amount (just enough for my session) into a plastic food bag. I then give them a nice covering of water, and seal up the bag and put it in the fridge overnight! I will use the prepared pellets as change hookbaits, but often they will be such productive baits, that they will leave you with a very wet net indeed!!!

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