Dave Roberts’ Simple Barbel Fishing

Top tip with Bait-Tech’s Dave Roberts.

With so much water around my beloved river Wye has shown great promise this season. The shear amount of water that has fallen is staggering but keeping an eye on the river has given me plenty of opportunity to try and extract some hard fighting whiskers. Barbel absolutely love a big coloured river and I have certainly been making the most of it.

With pellets being the dominant bait these days it’s so easy to go and catch these hard fighting wild creatures, anyone who has never done this really must give it a go. Its heart stopping stuff!

Three ingredients make up my bait list for the day, a bag of Bait-Tech Halibut Marine Method Mix, a bag of Halibut Marines in 4mm for feed and a tub of Bait-Tech Pre-Drilled Halibut hookers. So simple yet deadly effective!


The Pre-Drilled hookers are a great addition to anyone’s bag. They offer me so many different hooking possibilities and come with both Halibut Marine and Super Halibut Marine pellets in varying sizes specifically for this.


One of my favourite hookbaits, double 8mm halibut on a hair.


Usually you will get a few quick fish before bites slow slightly. This is always a trigger for me to switch to a single 10mm with a paste wrap. There’s nothing complicated about this set up either. I just make the paste out of the Halibut Method Mix, wrap it around the hair rigged pellet and you are away. Tip: make the paste stiff so it hangs around the pellet in the flow and slowly released all its flavour and goodness.


This is what you can expect to see! Savage bites result in a long tussle but a few arm aching minutes later you have your prize. The paste was certainly to this ones liking!

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