BCMM Product Tip from Ant Wood

Bait-Tech Big Carp Method Mix (BCMM) Sweet Coconut Big Tip from Ant Wood

The Bait-Tech Sweet Coconut Method Mix is absolutely brilliant for using with a Method Feeder.  Before I get on to the mix I will tell you the rig that I like use, I like to use a 15g method feeder with a rubber mould as you can push your loaded feeder out of the mould more easily.  Take a size 14 cheap hook and snip the point off just before it curves into the hook leaving you with a straight bayonet, now create a 4″ hair rig but instead of a loop on the hair tie the bayonet on and your ready to go.

Now for the method mix, it is best to make this up on the bank using lake water.  Don’t put in too much water to start with you want it so that it will stick together nicely with one squeeze but will break up quite easily when rubbed between your hands.  Now leave this for around half an hour whilst you set up the rest of your gear in your swim, once you are ready go back to the mix, by now the mix should have soaked in all the water so add some more if need be, you want to achieve a mix that will survive a cast and hitting the water but will break down when sucked at by the fish.

Put a 10mm boilie on the bayonet then sprinkle a small layer of Sweet Coconut Method Mix into the bottom of the method mould, now place your boilie in the centre of the mould and fill the mould to the top with more Sweet Coconut method Mix and firmly press the mould down into the mix, press the feeder out of the mould and you are ready to cast out.  A lot of people fish clipped up to get in almost the same place every cast, I prefer to fish without clipping the line up and casting in roughly the same place.  The time you leave your method feeder in the water is up to you but I like to leave mine in for around 20 minutes.

The method mix can also be used as a fantastic groundbait and there are a couple of ways of making it.  The first is to use a 50/50 mix of method mix and Breadcrumb and the second is to use the method mix by itself.  To prepare the groundbait whichever method you have used, you need to add small amounts of lake water until you have a mix that will stay together when squeezed once but will break up easily when rubbed between your hands.  Leave to settle for 30 minutes and then add around one small sweetcorn tin of whichever hook bait you are using, then add more lake water if needed.  When you are making your groundbait balls make sure they are quite firm as you don’t want them to break up as soon as they hit the water.  Unfortunately on this session the fish decided it was time to Spawn about 10 minutes after I was ready to fish so no fish to show you this time 🙁

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  1. Vitaliy April 27, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    Hi Guys,
    Could You assist me with info regarding products which contain Sweet Coconut.In my region lakes mostly have silty bottom (somewhere stinking silt somewhere no), and I’m interesting do you have any successfull expirience whith catching carp on silt with coconut.I’ve heard some products,for example white choco, can attract fish on a silty bottom for a long time without loosing any attracting abilities,don’t soak stinking silt.Question is next , can it ( sweet coconut ) be applied for that lakes or try to use another products from Bait-Tech ?
    Sorry for disturbing.
    Best regards from Ukraine,

    • Bait-Tech April 29, 2014 at 8:03 pm

      Hi Vitaliy

      Anything in the Sweet Coconut range from Bait-Tech would work well over silt. Not only are the attractors strong enough to withstand the strong smell of silt, but the light colour will stand out well over the dark bottom. Try using the Sweet Coconut groundbait mixed with the matching liquid, then fishing a small yellow or white Sweet Coconut pop up over the top.

      Hope that helps!

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