Colemans Open Jubilee Weekend – Part 2

Colemans Open Jubilee Weekend – Part 2 with Tony Curd

After Saturday’s match, I was back for more on Tuesday for the open on Wood Lake which is definitely my favourite lake at the venue as it responds to all methods and a positive approach will always see you catch a lot of fish from any peg. 35 anglers turned up to fish this one, which is quite a lot for this lake and to be honest I was unsure as to how well it would cope, I didn’t feel obtaining a decent weight would be difficult but the amount of pegs you can win from does dramatically reduce with a lot of pressure on the lake.

Peg 4 would be home today, not a brilliant peg but I had won from it in the past but as I touched on, the amount of anglers around the lake would have an impact on how well you can do from average draws, I’d confidently say that if there was 25-30 on the lake you could frame from most of the pegs, it really is that good.

At my peg, I decided that a method feeder would be my main attack for the day at 14m to a tuft of grass in the middle of the lake, so a 30g inline MAP method feeder was set up, I like a heavy feeder as anything lighter and it gets moved around too much by the fish as they attack the feed, it also helps with hooking the fish as the bolt effect is so much greater, a 4 inch hook length and a size 14 hook completed the set up. I also planned to fish down the edge to my left and right, a 4×10 float to 0.19mm line was ideal as the edge fish on this lake can be quite big, and lots of them! The only other rigs I set up for the match was a paste rig for fishing on a top 4 in front of me in 5ft of water, and a shallow rig for over the method line.

Baits were very simple, two pints of soaked 2mm pellets for fishing around the method feeder, some 8mm pellets for on the hook and also for slapping the rig on the shallow rig should I use it, 2 pints of 6mm pellets for feed on the short paste line, I like to feed bigger pellets short as I can feed less but make a lot of noise at the same time, increasing the amount of bites I’ll get.  5 tins of corn and 3 tins of hemp for the edge, and finally a bag of Special G Gold for paste, a nice simple match bait wise!

I kicked off on the method feeder, and to be honest things were slow from the start a few fish were coming out but not as it can be! I’d had 3 carp and a few F1s in the first hour, probably the worst start I’d ever had to be honest! I decided to have a drop in on the short line with paste and catapult 6mms over the method line in an attempt to draw some carp in, four carp fell to the paste approach before slowing up, I was looking at building this line for later in the day so would constantly feed pellets over the top, gradually increasing the amounts as the match goes on.

Back on the method line a few had turned up and a steady spell began, mainly carp between 2–4lb with odd F1s thrown in, sport slowed up after about 40 minutes so I had my first look down the edge while still pinging pellets on the feeder line.  Filling the pot with hemp and corn, I lowered the rig into my right hand margin and after a minute or so the float flew under and a nice carp of 6lb joined its mates in the net, another fish on the very next put in and I was getting interested but that was that, after this it was a case of nicking a few on the feeder, having a look short and rotating things.

But the edge is where you need to catch late, to boost your weight.  With this in mind, I regularly threw bait each side looking for any signs of fish moving in as the day went on. With 40 minutes to go, I went for broke as everything had dried up, 3 big handfuls went on my right hand margin and it was time to sit on it and wait for something to happen, after 5 minutes the float went and a nice fish of around 5lb was mine, only one more followed before the end and I knew I hadn’t caught anywhere near enough to push the winners, my final weight of 119lb was good for the area of the lake I’d been on but nowhere near the 221lb winning weight from the other end, fantastic fishing and can you be disappointed catching over a ton? I don’t think so!

Tight Lines

Tony Curd

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