Colemans Cottage Jubilee weekend with Tony Curd

Having not got a ticket for Partridge Fishomania, I decided on heading to back to one of my regular waters this weekend, Colemans Cottage for two matches over the weekend.  The Saturday Open was on Pathfield Lake at the venue and had been fishing quite well leading up to the match, but with the fish having only recently finished spawning, it’s still a bit unpredictable.

At the draw I found myself heading off to peg 8C, a corner peg with open water out in front, not the best of draws but it can throw up a big weight at times should the fish be in the corner to the right. With this in mind I set up for a very simple match, which is the best policy on any of the lakes at Colemans as you need to catch a big weight most of the time, I set up a rig for fishing paste short with a 4×12 paste float, 0.17mm and size 12 B911.

A couple of rigs for fishing down the edge are ever present on Pathfield, one for fishing paste on just a top kit to my right, and another for fishing long down into the corner, and also to the left. These are no-nonsense 0.19mm rigs to purple hydro.  The only other rig I set up for today was a shallow rig to fish in the open water at 14m not always a great tactic on this lake, but having drawn the peg before, it’s worth a few fish at times.  As I said before, a very one dimensional approach really but it is the only way to get anywhere in the opens at Colemans!

Bait for the day echoed the approach, a few pints of 4mm premium pellets, 2 pints of 6mms. The fishery limit of corn which is 5 tins and two tins of Super Seed Hemp which would be the feed for ‘edge dwelling’.  My paste mix couldn’t have been simpler either, Special G Gold mixed quite soft, I find soft pastes to be far more effective than anything else, and with Special G being such a fine mix it produces the smoothest paste I’ve ever used.

At the start I fed about a quarter of a pot of pellets and few bits of paste on the short line, and a big pot on each of the margin lines, a piece of paste on the short line would be my opening attack, before I even got the rig into the water, Bait-Tech’s Taylor Thorpe opposite had caught a carp on the method to the point of the island, a great start for him, and hope that there was some fish in the area. Luckily, my float bolted under after a couple of minutes and a nice carp of around 3lb was in the net. Another followed the next put in, around the same size which was a decent start. After that though things started to slow up, and I began to wonder if it was any good at this end as Taylor had also started to struggle after an initial burst of fish.

After an hour and half, I’d caught 5 carp and a few F1s, and I started to feel that I needed to catch down the edge to frame or win the section,  so I started to feed a quarter of a pot every 20 minutes, a mix of hemp and corn, and loose fed pellets to the right. A short time on the shallow rig produced only one carp, which was disappointing, it was time to have a look down the side.  A couple of quick fish from my left hand swim was encouraging, kinder potting small amounts of hemp and corn and fishing corn over it was doing the business, but didn’t last long, a look on the right hand paste line produced nothing  so all was re-fed and back on the paste line, a run of fish followed but again like everything I did, nothing was consistent, it seemed the lake was not fishing well at all, a good last hour fishing into the corner would make things interesting.

To keep it short and sweet, only a few more fish showed down the side, unusual for this lake as catching late is a banker, no matter what happens throughout the match, at the weigh in my 89lb was good enough for a section win and 4th in the match. Not a bad result on a difficult day, I’d hope for better on Tuesday!


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