Lindholme Festival through Steve’s eyes

Lindholme Festival

Day 1 (Bonsai Lake)
I was really buzzing aft the weeks leading up to the festival, felt like the venue was fishing and was on some sort of form there!! Drew peg 13 – now this is normally a good area so was happy till I got to my peg and realised the fish was happy doing other things (spawning) then feeding so felt a worm and castor approach would be best to the island at 15m.

It was difficult and ended up with 23 fish for 38lb the wind was blowing down the other end and there was a 90lb and 60lb down that end I was best of the rest and had to settle for 3rd in the section.

Day 2 (Oasis Lake)
Drew peg 30 which is on the bottom bank. The peg is normally not in so I had to go round the far bank and clear my peg out so I could touch the far bank (which is very important). Once that was done it was time to get on with the job on hand, again I felt a worm and castor approach was best tight across and an edge line which I fed with groundbait (Karma and Kult Red) this is my favorite edge groundbait and certainly helped me catch some massive weights.

I caught steady and ended with 47 fish across and 5 carp down the edge for 88lb and section win and I also won the match on the day, which finally got me off the mark!!

Day 3 (Laurels & Willows)
I drew peg 60 on laurels which I wasn’t too sure about as I’d not fished this area for a long time. As I got to my peg I could see the odd fish about so I was happy. This time I felt a meat shallow approach and again an edge line with groundbait (same mix) was best. I set up 3 shallow rigs and a dobbing rig with 3m of line from my float to my tip to flick the rig away from my pole tip.

I caught carp shallow on N-Tice Polony meat and had 2 down the edge ending with 17 carp for 87lb and a section win.

Day 4 (Loco, Beeches, Strip)
Drew peg 14 on Loco my first thoughts was that I wasn’t happy, I felt like I couldn’t compete from there, the peg’s in a corner with the wind blowing out, the only good thing with this lake is that the fish run big so you’re never out of it. I cut a peg out down the edge so I could try and catch on my favoured groundbait down the edge approach. I set up a waggler and 2 edge rigs as I felt a positive approach would be best, I fished a tidy match catching 5 carp out on the wag then around 15 down the edge over groundbait and finished with 132lb and a section win and 2nd in the match.

Now with 3 section wins was really buzzing for the last day but it was tight at the top with a few names in the race.

Day 5 (Bonsai)
Drew peg 85 again which isn’t normally in but it was an end peg so wasn’t complaining. I thought an all pellet attack would be best so set up 2 island rigs and 2 edge rigs into the ‘stockie’ corner. Now the islands deep and reedy here so I fished shallow up to them and fed with a catty with a banded 6mm premium pellet feeding 6mms, this worked well and caught well till the wind changed and I couldn’t get my bait out so was forced to go down the edge and fish for stockies with 4mm Xpand on the hook feeding micros. Finished the match with 63 fish.

Weighing in was intense as we still wasn’t sure if I’d done enough, luckily the scales went in my favour and I weighed 67lb which was enough to win the section and the festival with 4 wins dropping a 3rd.

The week was well run as normal and Neal and the guys at Lindholme need a pat on the back for a great week including tea cooked every night by the staff, well done all at Lindholme bring on the next one in July!!!

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