Ant Wood out on a session

On the 13th May 2012 I went for a quick Roach and Rudd bashing session with a float rod and some bread punch.

I only took the bare essentials with me in order to keep mobile as on the small local Council Park Pool there are some fantastic fish all of which are in surprisingly good condition but once you have caught a few they move off into a different area of the pool.  There is also the problem of lots of ducks and swans that are used to getting fed by anyone standing still so it pays to keep moving around.

One of the things that works well on this pool to bring the fish into your swim is the Bait-Tech Mojo ground bait.  I like to prepare this the night before and as the pool is only a couple of minutes from my house I take my groundbait bucket round to the lake and make the groundbait up at the pool before taking it home with me.  This gives the groundbait chance to soak the water up and then when I arrive to start fishing the next day I can just add a little more water if the mix is too dry.  I only use a few small balls of groundbait about the size of a golf ball in each swim when I’m stalking as the fish don’t stay long enough for more on this pool.

As I arrived, I could see that I was the only one there so I had the whole pool to myself so starting at one end  I started working my way round and immediately started catching 4-6oz Roach and Rudd.  After about 30 minutes I had attracted a small group of teenage lads who wanted to know how I was catching so many fish.  I took the time to explain to them that learning to watch for signs of the fish and learning whereabouts the fish would be at a certain time are one of the most important things to learn as it is not all about chucking a float/leger in the water and hoping that a fish would come along.

Anyway after they had gone I returned to my fishing and after a while I noticed that some of the bigger Roach and Rudd had moved into the area that I was fishing but that they were showing no interest in the bread punch.  Now I had in my pocket some homemade fake sweetcorn that I had made using the Bait-Tech Sweet Coconut Liquid Squirt and a Fritz Germany Maize Mold Kit, as it turned out swapping to these was a very good move as I had several Roach and Rudd at 1lb and above I don’t know the exact weights as I didn’t weigh them. I also hooked into a very nice carp which are extremely difficult to catch due to the amount of natural food in the pool, unfortunately I wasn’t tackled up for carp and after very gingerly playing the carp for around 20 minutes it took me straight into one of the large lily beds that are on the pool and after a few minutes of me carefully trying to bring the carp back out it snapped my line.

This proved to be a brilliant session and I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours of catching Silverfish. I knew the Bait-Tech Sweet Coconut Squirt Liquid was going to be a great product but I didn’t realise I would be able to enjoy catching silverfish using it as well.  I highly recommend this particular Bait-Tech product for anyone it has so many uses and is catching me loads of different species.

As you can see from the photo the fish are almost pristine condition and really do put up a good account of themselves.  Anyone who thinks fishing for silverfish is boring should get themselves a nice float rod with good action with a good float reel and two pound line, attach a size 16 hook and use a sensitive float and I don’t see how you cannot enjoy it.

At this point a couple of the teenagers had returned with their fishing tackle and had started to try and repeat what they had seen me doing, so as it was nearly time for me to pack up I went round to them and gave them the remaining Artificial Sweetcorn that I had made and also put the remaining groundbait I had into a carrier bag for them to use which they thanked me for and carried on with their fishing.

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