First Night Success!

Last week I received a call, telling me that my name had come up on a syndicate water close to my home. Though I had been on the waiting list for some time, I couldn’t wait to get down there and started to hatch a plan for my first trip. For the past couple of seasons I have been fishing lakes with a total nut ban. As this new water had no bait restrictions, I was keen to give tiger nuts a go because I had always caught well on them in the past.

The ideal choice for me was Bait-Tech Growlers. They come in a convenient sized can and when pierced, the nuts exude a sweet, milky fizz. This is a sure sign that the nuts have been prepared perfectly.

The day after collecting my key and permit, I headed to the lake for my first overnight trip. After a quick circuit, I located some fish held up in a set of snags at one corner of the lake. Some of the fish that were present happened to be the largest in the lake, so I wasted no time in getting set up in the swim closest to the snags.

The left had rod was cast down the margin tight to the snags and the right was cast towards a sunken island out in front of the swim.

I decided to fish over the classic mix of hemp and tigers. This consisted of Super Seed Hemp, with a few Growlers mixed in. Rig wise, I fished a single tiger on simple blow-back rig and balanced the hook bait out with a piece of cork so that it sank slowly. Before casting out, I nicked on a small PVA mesh bag of N-Hance Salmon Fry Crumb along with 2 tiger nuts.

Once both rods we out, I deposited a couple of handfuls of the hemp and tigers over the top, then sat back to soak up the atmosphere that comes with fishing a water for the very first time.

The following morning, the margin rod signaled a take and after a quick but powerful battle, I was soon slipping the net under my first carp from the water. The result was a clean, good conditioned mirror of 16lb. It was possibly the smallest fish in the lake, but with a stock of only 35 carp, I was more than pleased to have caught on my first trip.

I am very confident with my bait and approach, so will not be altering anything for my next trip. Hopefully next time though, I’ll get through to some of the larger residents of the lake!

James Conway

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