Peatling Pools Fish O Mania Qualifier with Tony Curd

Peatling Pools Fish O Mania Qualifier by Tony Curd

Anyone who knows me will know that Fish O Mania or ‘Fisho’ as it is commonly known is a huge part of my season, having competed in two of the finals it is often said that once you’ve been there you’ll want to get there again, this is no lie believe me.

I didn’t receive tickets for the first few qualifiers while I was at White Acres which worked out nicely but I’ve managed to get 8 tickets in all so I was looking forward to getting my campaign underway at the Peatling Match Lakes qualifier near Leicester. Having never seen the venue I put the feelers out to try and get a bit of info on the place, but was largely unsuccessful. That said I got the drift that lakes A and B would be the place to be if you were going to win, so when I put my hand into the bag and came up with Plough 25, I wasn’t overly chuffed. I’ve never been one for going home and as these places dont see 130 anglers very regularly, any peg on any lake is always worth a go, especially if you dont know the venue!

Arriving at my peg, it looks quite nice in the middle of an island which is around 20 meters away, this is an obvious place to start out so a method feeder rod was quickly assembled, which incorporated a small MAP method feeder and a short 4 inch hook length of 0.19mm for around the feeder I mixed a bag of the ever faithful Special G Gold which I would fish 50:50 with 2mm Premium pellets, measured out with pole pots to make sure everything was exact, hook baits would be 6mm pellets, 6mm cubes of boosted meat or corn, changing around to see what is best on the day as its very rare to catch on one bait all day – and when you do its often when you win!

Moving away from the island, it seemed a good idea to fish pellets as long as I could across to the islands so the full 16m of pole was put up where I found 4ft of water, not ideal as Barry Mason to my right could reach tight across and fish in the shallow water near the island which would prove to be key during match for him! I also set up a rig to fish at 5 metres, where i would feed 6mm pellets and fish 4 and 6mm Xpands on the hook, I find pellets a safe bet on venues that are unfamiliar, and good in that they work alongside many baits so if meat starts catching its easy to change the swim over unlike if you went for an all out worm and caster approach. I also set a shallow rig up incase that was the answer and I’d feed heavily down the edge hand hope for a run of carp later in the match.

Starting the match I loaded the feeder up with the pellet and groundbait mix and cast it tight to the island, a few fish in the first hour was a nice start, but it was clear that being able to fish the pole into the shallow water across was the way to go today, Barry Mason and another lad who could reach the island margins were flying early and looked good for doing well in the match overall!

Coming onto my short line, some F1s and odd carp were welcome but it never got going, time to attack and hope, its a winner take all match anyway so I had nothing to lose! Fishing shallow at 16metres only produced two carp and the short line got worse the more i forced it, the only area of my peg that I could feed properly was my edge line and by potting boosted meat and corn in regularly I had a great run in the last hour adding a further 6 carp, and 15 F1s to double my weight, as I mentioned previously those who could reach the islands really took advantage, and Barry next to me was so unlucky weighing in 43.500 just 250grams behind eventual winner Pete Marlows 43.750 weight.

My 24.050 was a respectable result on the day, probably just about making the top 10 but winning is everything on these matches so in my book it was a complete fail! Never mind onto the next one at Larford Lakes a great venue where no one knows where it will be won from, which is always a good thing keeping everyone optomistic…well for a couple of hours at least!

Tight Lines

Tony Curd

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