Sam Hughes – Preston Innovation Intermediate Festival

Preston Innovations Intermediate Festival at White Acres – Sam Hughes

I was delighted that I finished 2nd overall out of 24, but I was so close.

I had a Section win on the Canal on Tuesday with 49lb 2oz fishing a combination of 2mm micro and N-Tice Polony.

Then on Wednesday I was 2nd in my Section on Twin Oaks with 42lb 2 oz caught on micros around the method feeder with a hair-rigged 6mm red boilie

Thursday, I drew drew Acorn where I won my section and the lake with 106lb of carp caught at 6m on N-Tice polony and micros and corn down the edge. Shame I couldn’t have caught one more fish of 6lb which would have given me 1st overall in the festival – oh well, thats how it goes.



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