Festival Skimmers with Grant Albutt

I’ve just returned from possibly the best weeks fishing I’ve had at White Acres. The Bait-Tech Festival is a great event. It is the only festival where the ‘traditional’ rules still apply. Those being, no pellets allowed or any kind of method feeder fishing etc. With the weather warm and sunny and the fish feeding, meat was going to play a huge part.

Some of the pegs are obviously not going to be as productive as others, especially for carp. This is when you have to assess your pegs potential and decide how to attack it. Silvers play a major role in this and can be massive weight builders that can win you valuable section points. There are lots of skimmers to be caught and I love to attack them with meat. Commercial skimmers love it and get them feeding on it and you can soon build a healthy weight.



The Bait-Tech Mighty meat range is superb. I use all the different variations throughout the year but my favourite for skimmers has to be the Bait-Tech Boosted meat. This has added Betaine and really seems to kick the fish into feeding.


I am lucky as I have a 3mm cutter to mince the meat for feeding. If you haven’t got one you can easily put it through your cutters twice to make smaller pieces to feed. Ill then use a 6mm piece for hookbait over the top. Ill add a pinch of caster to this as this will attract the small fish quicker with will then pull in the bigger fish too.


I cup in a large amount and let it settle for a short time. If I see any fish blowing over the swim before I intend to fish the line, this is often a trigger for me to get on it as the fish will be there and feeding.


A couple of hours fishing during the middle of the match can really boost your weight when added to a few carp. This net of skimmers boosted my weight and won me the section!

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