Chilli Halibut Boilies – by Ant Wood


I really enjoy making my own Boilies and I thought I would go through how to make one of my favourite ones, the Bait-Tech Chilli Halibut Boilie.  First of all I will give you a list of the ingredients you need to make them:

6oz Semolina
4oz Wheat Flour
2oz Soya Flour
2oz Crushed Hemp Seed
2oz Cornmeal
3 Large Eggs
1 Tin Bait-Tech Halibut Meat (liquidized or put through fine grater)
5ml Bait-Tech Omega3 Fish Oil
5ml Corn Steep Liquor
1tsp Hot Chilli Powder
2tsp Brewers Yeast
1tsp Salt

Now to make your Boilies you will need to put your Semolina, Soya Flour, Wheat Flour, Crushed Hemp Seed, Cornmeal, Chilli Powder, Brewers Yeasy and Salt into a bag with no holes or another air tight container.

Give it a really good shake to mix it all up then set to one side.



Break your 3 eggs into a large mixing bowl and gently whisk until all the yolk and white are mixed together.  To the eggs stir in the Bait-Tech Omega3 Fish Oil and Corn Steep Liquor.  Now add your tin of grated/liquidized Bait-Tech Halibut Meat into the eggs and give a quick stir.


Start adding your dry ingredients from the bag/container and stir with a fork until  you need to start using your hands. Continue to add the dry ingredients and mixing with your hands until you have a dough that is similar in texture to Playdough, it may take 5-10minutes hut keep kneading it and it will form the correct dough.  (as everyone’s measurements may not be exactly the same, if you do not have a Playdough texture once all ingredients are added keep adding a little bit of Semolina until you do have the right texture).



Okay, now you can either use a sausage gun and rolling table (available from Gardener) or you can roll by hand.  If you roll by hand, break a piece of the dough off and roll into a long sausage roughly the size of the boilie you want to make, then chop the sausage into small boilie size sections and roll into a ball in your hand.  If you are using a sausage gun put the mixture into the gun and squeeze out the sausages, next cut to size using the rolling table lid, then place a sausage on the table and roll into Boilies.


There are 2 options now, the first is to bring a saucepan of water to the boil and boil 20-30 boilies at a time for 2 minutes for boilies up to 16mm and 3 minutes for bigger boilies.  The second option which is the one I’m using is to steam your boilies.  To steam your boilies place them in one tier only and make sure you leave enough room for them to expand, then steam them for 10 minutes.


Once they are cooked place them into a mushroom tray which you should be able to get from your local grocers for free (or onto a piece of netting) and allow to air dry for 24 hours then freeze them until ready to use.



And this is what I caught (7lb 2)


2 Responses to Chilli Halibut Boilies – by Ant Wood

  1. alvaro j f carvalho June 23, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    na receita voce diz ( semolina ) ? DE TRIGO, MILHO,ARROZ, QUAL SEMOLINA,

  2. Anthony July 2, 2013 at 7:49 pm


    é a sêmola de trigo. é realmente Durham farinha de trigo semolina, mas é mais refinado. Eu espero que você possa encontrar esses ingredientes no Brasil, pois é realmente uma boa isca e me pegou lotes.


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