Straight Leading with Paul Carnwell

With the weather now showing signs of spring and the temperatures rising; now is the time to start to be a little more aggressive with your feeding. The fish are starting to move and spread out from their shoaled winter slumber. They are now starting to think about feeding and up and down the country you can see weights increasing by the day.

Attack is now the first thing in my mind as fish start to respond, they will be hungry and looking for food to help build themselves up after the long winter and in readiness for spawning. The straight lead is often a winner all over the country and coupled with a pellet waggler approach can be devastating. This isn’t just a summer method and is working well at the moment on many fisheries I go to. You do have to tone things down from the aggressive summer attacks but the principles are just the same.

Noise plays a huge part in attracting fish and it’s this reason I now start switching to larger 8mm pellets both as feed and on the hook. Catapulting 2-3 pellets every minute or two will ring the dinner bell and soon attract any interested hungry fish into your swim. Bait-Tech Premium Feed Pellets are perfect for this as the uniform shape and added attraction of the Betaine make them super effective and attractive to these hungry fish.



Regular feeding is a magnet to inquisitive fish. Give yourself plenty of time on this method as its usual for the swim to get better and better as the day progresses. When all other anglers have left this line and may be fishing the pole, this is often the best catching period.


Regular feeding. Little and often. This is the key to attracting the fish and letting them gain confidence in feeding.


Sit on your hands and try not to strike at liners. Wait for good confident strong pulls. When the rod goes around, no need to strike as the fish is already hooked, just pick up the rod and play the fish.


As I said earlier your swim will get stronger as the day goes on. Expect a frantic last couple of hours when the fish become confident and really get their heads down.

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