Bait-Tech Festival Day Three

Day Three

Another bright and sunny day at White Acres with the number of pink faces increasing on a rapid basis! This glorious weather seems to be making the week fly by and it is so nice to see so many of the anglers enjoying a pint in the sunshine on the decking of the pub after the matches.

Today’s lakes winners have the added bonus of winning a free holiday and being invited back to fish the winners’ week mini-festival in October.

It was a fairy chilly start to the day but soon warmed up, on some of the lakes though the fish are more interested with cruising on the surface rather than taking the bait on offer.

This is the midway point of the festival does give us more of a clue as to whom are front runners are so read on to find out the catch action today and to see if any of the anglers on maximum points have managed to bag another section win.

A Section Twin Oaks/Trelawney

Trelawney is still fishing really well with better weights being recorded in a festival than we have seen for ages. Twin Oaks fished well once again with the weights spread out across both sections on the two lakes. The lake winner today on Twin oaks peg 18 was Chris Hill, Chris caught on the waggler and feeder with meat for a weight of 141lb 14oz. Geoff valance was on Trelawney peg 10 and weighed in with 128lb 8oz to take second, Geoff caught shallow on the pole with meat. Scott Cousins was third, Scott caught on the waggler shallow with meat and short in the margins on meat for a weight of 127lb from Twin Oaks peg 2. Johnny Carless was on Trelawney peg 18 and had the next best weight with 116lb 2oz, Johnny caught on meat long over to the island and at 5 meters.

Section Winners

Chris Hill                    peg 18(TO)     9 points           141lb 14oz
Geoff Vallance            peg 10(T)        9 points           128lb 8oz
Tom Hanser                peg 27(TO)     9 points           102lb 6oz
Steve Barraclough       peg 32(T)        9 points           85lb 3oz


B Section Porth

Porth fished hard once again today with the lake still being clear and the fish just getting used to the bait going in. Although the weights are a lot lower than in previous festivals it is still close with only ounces separating some when it comes to section points. The lake winner today with 13lb 4oz was Steve Parry, Steve caught on the feeder from peg 83. Steve Sanders on peg 38 was Second, Steve caught on the feeder for a weight of 10lb 7oz. It was a joint third on the lake with both Paul Yates and Andy Power weighing in with 7lb 10oz. Paul was on peg 20 and caught 30 skimmers on the tip and Andy caught 55 skimmers at 50 yards on the waggler with maggot and feeder with maggot from peg 89.

Section Winners

Steve Parry                 peg 83             9 points           13lb 4oz
Steve Sanders              peg 38             9 points           10lb 7oz
Paul Yates                   peg 20             9 points           7lb 10oz
Nigel Goddard             peg 75             9 points           6lb 1oz


C Section Bolingey

The big weights were back on Bolingey today with 21 of the 36 anglers weighing in with 80lbs plus, this section is a section of “big hitters” and with a number of them all drawing in the same 9 peg section it was heaving going for the salesmen. The lake winner today with an impressive 201lb 10oz was Grant Albutt; Grant was on peg 45 and caught long at 14.5 meters shallow with worm and caster. Second on peg 19 was Scott Smith, Scott caught shallow on the long pole with meat and weighed in with 187lb. Matt Parsons on peg 16 weighed in with 184lb 4oz to take third, Matt caught on the waggler shallow with meat. Tommy Pickering on peg 23 had the next best weight with 158lb 8oz

Section Winners

Grant Albutt               peg 45             9 points           201lb 10oz
Richard Bacon             peg 15             9 points           157lb 12oz
Matt Godfrey             peg 41             9 points           139lb 14oz
Phil Ringer                  peg 50             9 points           83lb 4oz


D Section Pollawyn

It was a bit of a mixed day on Pollawyn today with not may big weights but they were more consistent across the lake and sections, a few more carp were caught today but not in many numbers and there were more big bags of silvers caught but for those that did not have at least a couple of bonus carp in their nets they missed out on the better points. Alan Lord on peg 45 took the lake win today, Alan caught long at 16 meters on meat for a weight of 86lb 6oz. Second with 75lb 4oz was Tom Pringle on peg 28, Tom caught on the waggler with meat and shallow at 16 meters on meat. Steve Martin weighed in with 68lb 2oz to take third, Steve caught at 13 meters shallow on meat from peg 15. The next best weight on the lake came from Steve Potter on peg 23, Steve caught at 5 and 16 meters on meat for a weight of 65lb 1oz.

Section Winners

Alan Lord                    peg 45             9 points           86lb 6oz
Tom Pringle                peg 28             9 points           75lb 4oz
Steve Martin               peg 15             9 points           68lb 2oz
Scott Russell               peg 7               9 points           42lb 3oz


E Section Jennys/Trewaters

Good catches on both of these lakes today with tight results across the sections making it one of the fairest sections in the festival with the overall winning weights coming from a different lake each day. There was hardly a ripple on either of these lakes today which would have helped a bit with the results but it still fished fairly across the board. Des Shipp on Jennys peg 8 was the match winner today with 97lb 2oz, Des caught on the ground bait feeder with meat and hemp through the feeder mix and hair rigged meat and corn. Rob Wootton on Trewaters peg 19 weighed in with 95lb 7oz to take second, Rob caught at 5 meters on meat and in the margins on maggot. Third was James Granger, James was on Trewaters peg 31 and caught 97 fish on the pole at 5 meters and in the margin on meat for a weight of 90lb 6oz. Steve Ringer was on Trewaters peg 33 and had the next best weight with 77lb 7oz, Steve caught at 5 meters on meat.

Section Winners

Des Shipp                   peg 8(J)           9 points           97lb 2oz
Rob Wootton              peg 19(TW)    9 points           95lb 7oz
Tony Wynnick           peg 20(J)         9 points           67lb 12oz
Andy Meadows          peg 37(TW)    9 points           57lb 12oz


Here is how the action from day three has affected over overall results

Overall Top 20

1st        Tony Wynnick           27 points         349lb 15oz
2nd       Chris Hill                    26 points         342lb 13oz
3rd        Grant Albutt               26 points         338lb 4oz
4th        Jimmy Garside            26 points         294lb 13oz
5th        Andy Gaunt                26 points         171lb 6oz
6th        Andy Leathers           25 points         311lb 5oz
7th        Steve Sanders              25 points         186lb 12oz
8th        Gary Hamilton            25 points         171lb 13oz
9th        Andy Bennett             25 points         169lb 5oz
10th      Nigel Goddard             25 points         123lb 13oz
11th      Des Shipp                   24 points         355lb 1oz
12th      Callum Dicks              24 points         235lb 8oz
13th      Steve Barraclough       24 points         211lb 11oz
14th      Cameron Hughes         24 points         179lb 7oz
15th      Jamie Parkhouse         24 points         160lb 12oz
16th      James Granger             23 points         366lb 12oz
17th      Andy Inglesant           23 points         282lb 5oz
18th      Adam Wakelin            23 points         254lb 10oz
19th      Geoff Vallance            23 points         242lb 2oz
20th      Andy Power               23 points         185lb

At the mid-way points we are down to one angler on maximum points and the action is hotting up as much as the weather! Points won and lost across the board today turning it once again into a close festival.

Two days left to go and there is still time for all change yet, join us tomorrow for the latest set of results and to see if Tony still remains our festival leader.

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