Green Masterclass Part 2 – with Paul Carnwell

Moving on from last week where I discussed the ever deadly Pellet Cone, this week I’ll look at what I do when I need to get Distance.

There are days and venues where the ‘big chuck’ is a necessity if you want bites. When I say big chuck I am talking of distances up to 90 reel turns and beyond. When going distances of this sort and not wanting to use a method there is one thing I turn to: The PVA bag or Tea bag!

The beauty of fishing this method is you have absolute control over how much feed you introduce. You can make the bags as large or as small as you wish in relation to the bites you are getting. Another plus point, you can couple this method to a heavy lead and punch it as far as you wish (I often fish this method well over 100 turns) and know there always going to be an amount of feed right next to your hookbait.



I still use my favourite Bait-Tech Special’ G’ Feed Pellets for this method. I believe they give me an edge over a standard coarse pellet as the GPS90 fishmeals they are made with are so pungent and attractive.


As said earlier you can make these to any size you wish. Try and make them as tight as possible. The PVA will contract with in water meaning the bag will tighten as it melts. All this will make the bag almost explode when dissolved leaving you with a lovely small pile of bait right where you need it.


It’s just a case of sitting and waiting now. The rod will soon pull round as a fish picks up the hookbait and gets hooked.


Just like this one did! A brilliant method for fishing very precisely at very long range.

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