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I am writing these tips not as a sponsored angler but as a supporter of Bait-Tech.  I thought I would share a few of the ways I use these fantastic products to help me catch fish, let me point out here that I do not specifically target any one species as I love to catch a wide variety of fish as I think they all have their own unique characteristics and charms.

The first product that I would like to cover is the Halibut Meat.  When this first came out I was a bit wary about it as I’m sure a lot of you were or even are now, the best way I have found to fish this is to take 1kg of plain crumb and grate two tins of the Halibut meat into the crumb, mix it up and then add water from the lake you are fishing until you have the groundbait how you like it.  Next take one tin of the Halibut Meat and use a meat cutter to create 8mm cubes and then you can fish the cubes on a float set up over a bed of meat groundbait.  This method has caught me Roach, Tench, Carp, Chub, Rudd and Perch.

Next is a more unusual way of using some of the groundbaits/method mixes.  I enjoy making my own pastes and have great success with them using the following mix:

4oz Semolina
4oz Soya Flour
6oz Bait-Tech groundbait/method mix of your choice
2oz SMA Gold (baby milk).

Put all of the ingredients into an airtight bag , seal it and give it a good shake to mix all the ingredients together.  Once this is done put it to one side and then whisk 4 large eggs into a big mixing bowl (if you want to add 5ml of Bait-Tech Omega 3 Oil or Chilli Oil do so now).

Slowly add the dry ingredients from the bag and mix them into the eggs until you have a paste that looks and feels like playdough.  Your paste is now ready to use.  This is a long lasting paste, so I use it with a small paste coil tied on knotless knot style just underneath the hook.  You can also change how long it takes to dissolve by replacing some of the eggs with water, keep trying it in a glass of water until it breakdown at the speed you require.

I hope these tips help some people to catch a few more fish, I have had some great results thanks to Bait-Tech.

Anthony Wood

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