Spring is in the Air! Top Tip with Paul Carnwell

This week has seen some indifferent weather to say the very least. Carp all over the country seem to be waking up and with good weights reported, the rise in temperatures seem to be having the desired effect.

‘It’s been a tough winter for a lot of us and to see the fish starting to respond is a God send. The next problem that faces us is where best to target them. This is a very strange time of year as the fish will be feeding, BUT will want to be in certain areas as the water is still very cold.

I pay very close attention to the weather at this time of year and it’s this that leads me to where I want to fish in my peg. Recently we have had a warmish spell. This will affect the fishing and more so where the fish want to be. The areas of the lakes that get most warmth will hold most fish. There is one place I pay particular attention to and that is the margins. As daft as it sounds the edges are key at this time of year. As the sun warms the upper layers of water, quite often the fish will feel most comfortable there. If they are there and happy then they will be happy to feed!

This is where you maximise your chances and attack!’


There are 2 favourite groundbaits I use for catching down the edge. Bait-Tech Kult Red and N-Tice. Both of these have a super fine consistency and are packed with soluble rich ingredients. All this means the water gets permeated with the flavours and they linger in the swim for longer.


As soon as fish come in the edge and want to be there its attack all the way for me. Groundbait is a wonderful feed for margins as although it draws the fish instantly there isn’t as much food content as there would be in the equivalent amount of other baits i.e. pellets.


Big fish love feeding in the margins, even in this unsettled weather you can catch freely if you’re fishing in areas the fish want to be in.


Another big edge dweller graces the net. Remember, fish in places where the fish want to be, your results will do the rest!

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  1. Jamie burt September 24, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    I just wanted a little advice, I fish a venue at the moment were you need to cast 100yards tight to an island with the method feeder. I’ve jus brought a 13ft matrix horizon feeder rod with a shimano 6000 bait runner, which is built for distance. I just wanted advice on what lines, reels, and size method feeders you would use on this type of venue were I’m struggling to get the distance.

    Hope you have the time to help me out with my problem


    Jamie burt

    • Bait-Tech September 24, 2012 at 9:11 pm

      The gear you have equipped yourself with is easily capable of the distance you require! I generally use a 6lb mainline for all of my long range method feeder fishing, and have no problems, just make sure your reel is properly loaded, and you shouldn’t have any problems. The feeder is important, most shop bought method feeders aren’t heavy enough for what you require, so you’ll need to add some lead to your feeder to make the distance, for 100 yards your going to need between 30 to 40g of lead maybe more in poor conditions. Then it comes down to casting technique, and that is best approached by casting when standing up, and having a 2ft drop from the end of the rod, have the rod almost vertical behind you and thump it forward and holding the rod as it goes through the air with the rod rings parallel to the line. Hope that helps!

  2. Jamie burt September 25, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Thanks for the help ill try adding the wight to my method feeders and thanks for the advice.ive jus added 8lb maxima to my reel hope it will be ok


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