Soaking and Glugging Bait Tip

This week we speak to Bait-Tech’s big fish expert Mark Lunn to see what tips and tricks he can give us to help you get more bites.

The river season is now coming to a close and now is your chance to get out and maximise those last few days of sport. The weather is mild and the fish will be feeding!

Soaking and glugging bait is nothing new but how many people do it with pellets? Not many I would guess. Although the Bait-Tech marine halibuts are very high in oil content, I give them an extra boost by adding the Bait-Tech X-Cite oils to them (my favourite is the Omega 3 fish oil). The extra appeal this gives the bait is amazing and for both big carp and barbel, it definitely gets me more bites.


These 2 products go hand in hand and I wouldn’t be without them. This handy tub of mixed size pellets are perfect for so many different hookbait presentations.


I give the pellets a good squirt of the Xcite Omega 3 and leave them to absorb the oil.


As you can see the oil had permeated the pellets. It actually slows the breakdown process rather than speed it up as you would think. This also gives off a long strong scent trail in the water oozing attraction.


As you can see the attraction speaks for itself. You could easily do this with smaller pellets for feed as well as for the hook. Create those fish attracting slicks and reap the rewards.

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