Top tips with Bait-Tech’s Grant Albutt

Last tip I spoke about how feeding small nuggets of groundbait and working your swims can lead to great winter catches. This one I want to talk about a specific match that I fished which shows perfectly how diverse Bait-Tech’s Kult Sweet Fishmeal is.

The teams of four match at Larford this week was going to be a good test as I had drawn peg 8 on the Specimen Lake. As I know the carp like the middle of the lake and thought I would struggle to catch any from where I was I concentrated my efforts on the skimmers. Crumb feeder was the weapon of choice and I also fed a pole line for later on in the match.


Bait for this was going to be a bag of Kult Sweet Fishmeal and some dead maggots for the hook. The pole line would be fed with some pellets but I didn’t expect to catch too much on this until late on when the fish move in. Crumb feeder at 30 turns was to be my main line of attack.


I always carry a large variety of feeders with me. I fished a small open ended feeder as I didn’t want too much feed going in. This coupled with a short 12 inch hook length and a single maggot on a size 18 hook should be enough to spark an interest in any fish willing to feed. No loose feed and just the Bait-Tech Kult through the feeder would be enough to hold the fish in the peg. You almost have to tease them into feeding at this time of year and I didn’t want too many other particles for them to eat and risk leaving my hook bait.


Bait preparation is very important. The best advice I can give you is just to take your time. Kult Sweet Fishmeal is very easy to mix and use. Add water a little at a time and mix thoroughly until you have a light fluffy texture. I then pass this through a riddle to add air to the mix and evenly distribute the particles. This leaves a lovely light fluffy consistency perfect for the job in hand.


The day was hard to begin with and it took a little time to get the fish feeding. When they did get the taste though, what a fantastic day, I caught steadily for the rest of the match. I weighed an incredible 63lb of feeder caught skimmers to not only win my section but the lake too! My Garbolino side also won the day. What a great day’s sport and proof enough of the diversity of Bait-Tech’s Kult. They love it!

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