Nicolas Pringal

After watching some videos using Bait-Tech products, Nicolas Pringal, 29, from France decided to try them out and tells us what he did to get this impressive result.

To attract the carp as quickly as possible I use as spod mix of Bait-Tech Envy Green Method Mix to a big quantity of hemp and pellets.

I incorporate Marine Halibut Method Mix as it is a basis for great attraction with other soluble fishmeals.

I add equally Bait-Tech green pellets 3 mm, party mix and hemp.

Guaranteed Results!

This recipe nets me lots of carp over 20lbs.


I also use Kult – the carp are crazy about it as it contains a big dose of attractors.  I incorporate CSL Particle Soak Tuna in my preparation – it is ideal to mix baits and methods & soak pellets.  Here are a couple more photos: 20 kilos and 13.5 kilos.

Video by Nicolas.

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