Gaining the edge with NHANCE!

Angler: Jamie Harrison – Sheffield
Venue: Grange Park Fisheries, Messingham, near Scunthorpe

Gaining an edge on today’s commercials is difficult enough these days but when you consider that many of the UK’s fisheries now have a ‘fishery own pellet’ ruling it means that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to make your bait stand out!

Last autumn, I won a few matches on this venue using pellets but this venue also has a ruling that states you must also use the fisheries own hook pellets. This obviously narrows down your options even further so I set about trying to find ways of gaining an edge with a pellet approach over the other competitors. Feeding is always an issue here because if you feed too much bait you get pestered with line bites purely because there are so many fish in these lakes here so I had to find something that would both attract fish into the feed area but also not over feed the fish.

After trying several mixes it soon became apparent that the main ingredient for attracting the match winning F1’s and Carp here is Fishmeal. I’ve tried mixing different quantities into existing groundbait mixes and through the autumn last year I won a couple of matches with thanks to a 100% mix of Kult groundbait which was fed loose down the margin which the bonus Carp loved especially in the last hour of the matches.

As with most venues now, the water is a little clearer so the margins aren’t as productive and today’s practice session for a forthcoming match has seen plenty of Crucians, Brown Goldfish, Skimmers and F1’s caught at just 3 metres straight in front of me. Most anglers around me have struggled for bites but I’ve been feeding tiny balls of NHANCE FISHMEAL which has drawn the fish in onto this short line.

I’ve used a tiny toss pot to introduce just 6 micro pellets after each fish and I caught 12 fish before this line started to show signs of slowing. The fish had backed off but by adding a section on the pole and feeding another ball of FISHMEAL the fish were soon back on the feed. This mix is also great here mixed sloppy especially when you are fishing through the ice but today it has been too effective because it has drawn the fish up high in the water leading to missed bites. A hard, dry ball has been best today as it has focused the feeding fish on the bottom over the micro pellets.

The wind today has made presentation quite difficult and as this lake is only 3ft deep it has been towing quite hard. By constantly introducing hard nuggets of fishmeal via the pole cup and by placing my last shot just 3inches from the hook, I have managed to catch plenty of shy biting fish that are obviously willing to feed but are quite reluctant to move once they’ve taken the bait!

I’ve even caught a few extra bonus fish by presenting my hook bait ‘down-tow’ of my main feed area which I’m sure means that the scent of the fishmeal has been trailing through the swim because of the movement of the water.

Interestingly, by feeding the fishmeal ‘slop’ mixed with CSL in the shallow water down the margin, I have also managed to catch a couple of bonus Carp which is surprising considering it’s mid-January! By the end of the 2 hour session I’ve managed about 20lb of mainly small Carp and by feeding a small nugget every cast the swim has just been getting stronger and stronger!

As an added boost, I have also mixed some of the NHANCE FISHMEAL into the water that I have pumped my hook pellets in. This has given the fishery own hook pellets an added attraction which I’m sure makes a huge difference.

One thing I have noticed with these Bait-Tech products though is that they seem a lot more potent and concentrated than other bait company’s products. This is obviously good value for money and means that they are ideal for adding to other mixes.

I’m already looking forward to using all this bait range throughout a very busy match schedule in 2012!

Thanks Bait-Tech!

Jamie Harrison

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