Bait-Tech Growlers and Particle does it again

Article by Craig Mortimer

June 2011 couldn’t come quick enough for me. Not only was it my 25th birthday, it was time to pack the van and set off on my travels to the French lake we had booked for the week which was situated in a small town called Mayenne, 4 ½ hour’s drive from Calais. As you can imagine after 6 hours of driving all I wanted to do was get the rods out. The lake contained carp weighing upto 48lb so the excitement that built on the way got us through.

We arrived at the lake about 9am French time. First things first – Polaroid’s on, and a walk of the lake to find the fish. I had done my research before hand and got as much information as I could to give me a better idea of what I was to expect. I found a few fish in the far margin hiding away under a tree canopy; to all carp anglers it just looked like paradise, a typical feature where carp would hold up.

I soon made my mind up that this was the swim for me. I knew the fish have had a lot of pressure from other anglers during the season as the lake has been fully booked all year, so I didn’t take the usual boilie approach as this is what the fish were constantly seeing. As there was no bait bans on nuts there was no hesitation on taking a tub of the Bait-Tech growlers, a few tubs of the super seed chilli hemp and super seed parti mix. I emptied the lot into the bucket with a few chopped tigers, a couple of handfuls of the Special G Green groundbait and some Special G Green pellets.

I gave it a good mix up, to create a 5 star carp meal for 40lbers. I wanted to create a little something different that other anglers might not have tried. I wanted the bait to create a cloud causing it to leave food particles in all areas of the water layers to hopefully draw fish in from all different depths. I put a handful into the margin and it did just that! (What carp could resist?)

I then had to choose the best spots for my rods. I knew the fish were in my swim as I had already seen them in the margins and fish were rolling and showing themselves in mid water. All I wanted to do was get the baits on the spots so the marker rod stayed in the holdall as did the spod rod as I could bait up from the other side. I could see with my own eyes what the bottom was like.

It was very clear – about 5ft deep where it shelved off, with a clay/gravel bottom and areas of silt. They were the spots I chose as by using the tiny particles and hemp, I wanted the fish to sift through the silt to get at the particles and to release all the oils from the baits.It was also something a little different from other anglers as they were wanting to fish the gravely and clearer areas. Going on the theory of trying something different I did just that.

Spots chosen, areas baited and rigs were finally out. It was time to finally sit down and relax with a brew. I was feeling very confident at this point, knowing I was using quality bait and fish were in the area. Surprisingly, in the first two days of the session I hadn’t had a bite, but checking the spots throughout the day the fish were coming in, having a feed then leaving the areas. I think due to fish constantly seeing boilies, they weren’t too sure.

I knew my tactics were different but had all faith in the baits and thought I would hedge my bets so re baited for the 3rd night. 5:15 am in the morning I was woken by a single toner on the left hand rod under the tree canopy where I had seen fish on the first day, 25 minutes later and having been taken all over the swim, I had finally landed the first fish of the session. A 38lb 10oz mirror. Amazing looking fish and I was so made up knowing my tactics finally paid off.

From this first bite it just seemed the fish were totally turned onto the bait and couldn’t get enough! I then re baited on all spots and put rods back out. By mid day that same day I was then into another fish on a different area on the middle rod – this time 28lb 5oz. All that morning I had fish rolling on the spots and the fish were feeding so confidently I knew I would catch again. There was no way I was changing tactics and all three rods went out on the same bait (a single tiger nut, with a tiny stick mix of crushed tigers and special G Green groundbait).

4th day

I was up at the crack of dawn sitting in the bivy boiling the kettle ready for a cuppa. While I was waiting for the kettle to boil I was watching the water for fish. I couldn’t see any bubbles or showing fish but all of a sudden the indicator smashed the top of the rod and I was in again. I couldn’t believe it as I was standing right by the rod. It wasn’t a great fight and it didn’t feel that big. But when it graced my net I knew it was another thirty.

It couldn’t resist the Bait Tech concoction

I kept the bait going in the area to try and keep them confidently feeding and to hold the fish on the spots. The area was like a witch’s caldron, there were bubbles everywhere and black clouds forming where the silt was being disturbed by the feeding fish. It was like watching something on TV. I have never seen carp feeding so confidently and so turned on by the bait. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I was going to be into another and I wasn’t wrong, midday again and the rod roared off.

This time I knew it was a big fish. It stayed deep in the mid water and was just plodding around. At first I thought I was into one of the local catfish residents, it was plodding around for about 20 minutes before I finally saw it come to the surface and I knew it was one of the forty’s. Wow my first forty and the adrenaline kicked straight in. If I wasn’t already worried about getting THIS fish in the net my other rod decides to scream off!

A double take, that’s all I needed. I had to call my friend over who was also fishing the lake, to sort the other rod out. We were both playing carp in the same area! It was a nightmare keeping the lines and fish away from each other. I finally got the fish into the net and gave it the big cheer knowing I had landed one of the bigger carp that swims the lake.

I was made up with that catch! It was followed up by a few more double figure carp including another 30pounder and a 20pounder. My new French PB 46lb 6oz the biggest that week. I was so glad I stayed persistent with my new tactic and baiting approach that I took and I believe that it was having such confidence in the bait that help me stick to my guns and gave me the results I had.


By Craig Mortimer



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