Winter Pellets with Steve Barraclough

As promised our lovely mild winter seems to have deserted us. Freezing conditions are upon us! The going certainly got tough this week. We went out to see how Steve Barraclough deals with cold winter days. Steve said:

‘I always try and fish venues where I am likely to get bites. Sit and wait fishing just isn’t me as I like to keep busy and warm!’

‘Fishing for small stockie carp is great fun as quite often these little eating machines are the only things to feed during this kind of weather. By working hard you can often build a swim and get plenty of bites. Bait wise, pellets rule, even in these temperatures and by feeding small amounts and actively working you rigs you can induce bites and have a very enjoyable day.’



Pellets and fishmeal groundbait make up my simple winter commercial bait list. Small carp and F1s are bread on these baits and are a staple diet of theirs throughout the year. Don’t complicate, give them what they are used to eating.


A bag of Bait-Tech Special G Gold is a must have. This fishmeal based pellet groundbait is ideal for feeding to attract a few weary fish. I like to pot in small soft nuggets regularly.


Bait-Tech Xpand 4mm & 6mm are the hookbaits of choice. Very easy to use and super consistent in shape and size. The fish love them too! I also take a bag of 6mm extreme pellets as these are a great hookbait and also work well for hair-rigging when using the feeder.


A lovely day catching plenty of small stockies. I fed small amounts of Bait-Tech Premium micros through my Frenzee soft pots and caught using a pumped 4mm and new 2mm Xpand on the hook.(Shh, they are not out yet!) I had to keep working my bait, lifting and dropping to induce bites but as you can see if you work hard enough the rewards are there to be taken.

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