A Year Using Bait-Tech

Craig Henderson tell us about his year using Bait-Tech products.

Well 2011 saw me use Bait-Tech products for the first time to see if I could get some good results. And by God what a year I had!

In March I started on my local open matches, as I always do, fishing mainly a pole attack. Then when the weather heats up I switch onto my strongest approach ‘The method feeder’.

First open match I finished 3rd – good result but better things were to come.

For the next 5 weeks I won four matches and finished second in one. My main attack for these matches was the pole. My bait set up was feeding 4mm and 2mm Bait-Tech Premium pellets softened slightly, on the hook was a 4mm Xpand expander pellet.

This approach was to see me in the frame for the next few weeks, as the weather was getting hotter so were my results!

Next I travelled my usual 260 mile round trip to the Oaks Lakes at Sessay in Yorkshire to fish their Easter festival. The first day I didn’t draw well. It was a generally bad area, and my result reflected this, I did my best but it wasn’t meant to be. However after a few changes to my approach and set up that night back at the hotel, day 2 was a better day and an overall better outcome: I won my section giving me a top ten placing overall.

Back home for a week’s rest then off to my local, Broom Fisheries to try and qualify for the final of a local series called Grab A Grand. It turned out to be good match for me, fishing the method feeder all day to the far bank catching carp to 6lb, I used a mix of soft premium pellets in 2mm round a Guru method feeder and a banded 6mm or 8mm on the hook. As the match progressed the fish started to back off a little so I changed from the 2mm pellet approach round the feeder to a ground bait approach.

For this I quickly mixed up some Special G Gold – first chuck across saw the tip start to show liners and that there were a few fish in the swim so I wound in and re-cast back across and the tip flew round time after time with F1’s to a pound every put in for the final hour. I put 56lb on the scales, good enough to win the match overall and book my place in the final.

After a few more open matches at my local and a good few more overall wins and section wins to my name I was starting to feel more confident in what I was doing and only having to make slight changes to my set up.

The next match I was to fish was on 29th May 2011, the Rab Crossan Memorial match at a place called Magiscroft near Glasgow. This was a 60 peg match, and included most of the Scotland team plus good local anglers and people who fish the water on a weekly basis were in this match and I was going up blind, never seen the place before apart from the odd picture.

I turned up that morning and stood in the draw queue looking at the weather that day I was thinking to myself “what an earth am I doing?” It was blowing a gale and the rain was lashing down. The draw started, I was around 15th to draw. I had drawn peg 7 on the island pond, and as I had never been here before I had no idea whether it was a good or bad draw. So I unloaded all my gear and headed to my peg and started to set up the usual few top kits and 2 tip rods, one a bomb and one the method. After I was all set up and got my attack methods decided, I began sorting my bait – I had in my bait bag a 2kg bag of the new Kult sweet fishmeal so I thought I would go for the soft 2mm pellet with a dusting of Kult through it on the method and use banded 6mm pellet.

On the pole line I mixed up a 50/50 mix of Special G Green and Special G Gold and over wetted it so it was sloppy to feed on my 6metre line. 11am came and the ‘all in’ was sounded. First I fed my pole lines then picked up my rod and loaded my Guru feeder and chucked it to the far bank (Little did I know that I would never pick up my pole again that day) it was carp to a pound nearly every put in from start till finish I lost a good few fish that day so could have had a much bigger weight, in the end up I put 54lb 8oz on the scales and won my section, second put 35lb on the scales so I had a good margin. I believe I got the method and the mix right for the conditions that day as the guy on the next peg to me fished exactly the same but with a different ground bait and didn’t catch much.

So I was well pleased with what I had done (and unknown to me there was more to come) as we all packed up and headed back for the final results people were shaking my hand and saying well done so I thought I must have done well. I was then to find out I had won overall and that I was the All Scotland Individual Champion 2011. This put a big smile on my face, it meant a lot to me lifting that win up against such anglers who are knowledgeable on the venue and some of the World Championship Scotland team.

So I have a nice large trophy to show for my efforts and I also picked up a nice brown envelope (that my wife soon took off me). The rest of my year was good after that with results being wins or in the frame on local opens. I also managed 2nd place at the Grab A Grand final. In my local series, which is run over the yea,r I finished 3rd in the final and was 4th overall in the league points after sitting 2nd all year, unfortunately dropped scores hurt me. So to say I have had a good year is an understatement. All I can say is roll on 2012 and Fish “O” Mania lets just hope I can win one of those.

Thank you Bait-Tech its all down to confidence in the Bait

Craig Henderson

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