Dominic Brennan

Fishing Report from Dominic Brennan (15)

Venue: Partridge Lakes
Lake: Piper
Peg: 24

Catch: F1’s and silvers on Special G Green

I managed to pick up on a few F1s, thanks to my effective groundbait Special G – I highly recommend this to anyone.

I used Bait-Tech’s Special G groundbait and I mixed it very stiff so I could feed grape sized balls every 10 minutes or so. I fished maggots over the top of this and 4-5 maggots every 2 minutes.

I started out on the waggler rod with a one gram team Drennan 1.0g waggler with maxima 2lb line going to a 0.06 6 inch hook length going to a B981 size 20 hook. I used double red maggots to start off with but I was only getting small roach and perch and one or two skimmers.

Even though I was fishing this peg I also fed another swim slightly to my right in 3ft of water. I used my team Daiwa connoisseur pole at 11 meters (I have been put forward by the Angling Trust talent ID to fish for the North of England and I could make it to the England squad so I have to obey by the f.i.p.s (federation internationale de la peche sportive) rules).

The rig I was using = a 0.13 main line with a 0.09 2 inch hook length with a PR36 size 16 hook with team Daiwa white hydro elastic. I used Bait-Tech’s Xpand 4mm pellets on the hook and feed Special G. I had to wait for 10mins for a bite: the first fish was a roach, then I waited 10 more minutes then I hit into a small F1 then waited 10 more minutes then got another roach. I changed to a single maggot with a PR36 size 20 then as soon as I cupped in the groundbait and laid my rig in I hooked into another F1. Then laid my rig in, again on single maggot then I hooked a big carp but unfortunately never landed it on 0.09 bottom. The fish put my elastic to its paces, so I up graded my line to 0.11. I cupped in more Special G groundbait with a few maggots in it. Then I laid my rig in again then a got bigger carp but unfortunately I never landed it again.

The rig I used was a Durafloat 11 4×12 with 5x No10 shotz. I had a bulk half way down the line and 2 droppers.

Leigh Ospreys
Lymm Angling Association
Pilkington Angling Association
St Helens Angling Association

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