Is this the best winter venue in the UK?

With most still-water venues in the country frozen solid, Welsh wizard Andy Neal invited us to join him at a venue where skimmers – and no ice – were assured!

Port Talbot Docks, in the heart of South Wales, isn’t your average skimmer venue. With its industrial surroundings and typical south-coast Welsh weather it does make you wonder… why go there at all?

Well, in short, it’s stuffed with fish! With skimmers averaging 1lb and a good head of beautiful roach to go at, this place really is a bit of an unknown quantity. But that’s not all you’re fishing for either, as being a dock and connected to the sea via a lock there are a few surprises that could turn up. As well as big pike and the odd rogue carp you could well find yourself in contact with mullet, sea trout, flounders and even bass (reported captures of fish approaching 10lb). The mullet go anything from ounces up to 3lb and 4lb and are regularly caught in matches, and plenty of mysterious creatures have been hooked and ‘never seen’.

Being such a huge expanse of water with the capability of docking some immense ships it will come as no surprise to hear that it’s deep! Up to 30 feet deep in places, in fact, with steep slopes that drop off very quickly. If you’re fishing the pole there don’t be surprised if you find 25 feet of water at 11 metres, and still going deeper the further out you go!

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Article originally appeared in Match Fishing Magazine – January 2011.

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