Win with Meat!

Luncheon meat is possibly the best-ever big-weight bait, but many anglers are confused about how to approach bagging venues with it. One man who certainly isn’t is Frenzee & Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal, who gives us a meat fishing masterclass!

You join me today at my favourite venue, Viaduct Fishery in Somerset, to discuss something that some people may find a little daunting. Going to matches where you know you will need a big weight to win can really throw people off line, such is the expectation of frantic action. What I want to uncover today are the mind-set and tactics you must employ when tackling such situations, because believe me it’s NOT about how hard you can pull and how fast you can net fish! Quite the opposite in fact!

Here at Viaduct big weights are very common and quite often you will need over 200lb to win. When you travel to a venue looking to catch those sorts of weights it can be far too easy to become complacent and lose your rhythm before you even begin. Viaduct is a prime example of this, as although you know you may need a big weight the fish still need to be caught, and as they are of a big average size and get fished for quite a bit they are cute and won’t simply give themselves up. I think people turn up with the wrong frame of mind, expecting it to be easy and for the fish to hang themselves.

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Article originally appeared in Match Fishing Magazine – June 2011.


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