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AS HAMLET might have said if he’d been an angler: “To feed or not to feed, that is the question.”

A little flippant maybe, but it does perfectly highlight one of the most fundamental aspects of fishing. Correct feeding is one element of our sport where many struggle, but itis the one thing that is paramount to a day’s success.

  • Have I fed too much?
  • Have I fed too little?
  • When do I feed again?
  • How much should I feed initially?

These are the questions that the consistently successful angler will be able to answer, and is the main reason why they usually catch.
For the novice, it sounds like a cipher that’s almost impossible to crack, but without giving due care and attention to how you feed your swim, you are in danger of killing the peg stone dead before you’ve even wet a line.

One angler who knows this better than most is Bait-Tech and Frenzee marketing consultant, Andy Neal.
As a top-flight matchman and competitor in this year’s £25,000 Fish ‘O’ Mania final, experience has shown Andy that swim management is the key to catching well and with consistency, regardless of the type of water you are fishing on.

To see how he goes about tackling a water, we joined the 31-year-old South Welsh rod at Newtown’s Fachwen Pool, in Powys.
This former reservoir has a reasonable stocking, but is still quite a wild water, the very environment that would test his feeding skills to the maximum, much more than they would on a typical commercial pool.

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Article originally appeared in IYCF – Issue 251

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