Lance Barton & Suffolk Water Park’s Finest

After only 20 nights on Suffolk water park my target fish (Match Lake) was banked. Although a little low in weight for the time of year she certainly made up for it in her glorious autumn colours.

The fish fell on a four night session in and around work. I baited a spot at 120 with a mix of bait tech hemp, halibut marine pellets in 3 and 6mm and crushed boilie.









The mix!

The first sign of a carp was Saturday afternoon when what looked like a mid-twenty poked its head out over the baited area, from that point on the spot really kicked off and that night I landed five carp, a 15lb mirror, 25lb 10oz linear, 10lb stockie, 29lb mirror and Match Lake herself at 34lb!

Match Lake in all her Glory!


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