Ryan Mckinlay

Half Term Fishing – Ryan Mckinlay, Age 20, Fishery: Cornfield Farm – Burnley

Well we all know how difficult it can get in the weeks up and coming to winter. Especially on a half term week!

So when I arrived at the venue I had a situation on my hands: school kids were scattered all along one side of the bank fishing towards an island situated in the middle of the pool, so I recognised that my peg choice was going to be a key to success. After a look around I set on a peg in the corner of the pool away from noise and with a soft breeze drifting in – I knew I was onto a winner.

Not a lot of fish were getting caught on the day but I thought I could have an advantage over everyone else because I had fished this peg before and done really well.

I decided to set up my tip rod and clip up the line so when I cast out, I would hit within 6 inches of the island. The method I was using was a small free running method feeder loaded with Bait-Tech softend 2 mm Special ‘G’ Feed Pellets and Bait-Tech 8mm red shellfish boilies hair rigged onto a quickstop. I find if you alternate where the boilie sits when moulding into the feeder, as in having it showing or burying it can often result in faster bites.

First cast the tip amost instantly pulled round so I lifted up the rod and was in contact with a carp. Although I had to work for the fish the boilies gave me and edge over other people and saw me through to catch the most fish on Cornfields that day.

The end result:
Thanks Bait-Tech !

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