Top tips with Dave Roberts – Barbel Part 4

Bait-Tech’s river master Dave is an expert at catching big river, hard fighting barbel. The Hereford based match star has already shown us how to tackle these creatures and what baits to use. Read on to see what else he has in store for us:

Over the last few weeks I have covered baits, both feed and hookbait, rigs and hooking arrangements for these devastating ‘new age’ baits. Being a typical match angler I need to feel I have got every possible bite from my swim. One thing I am yet to mention is the use of the block-end feeder.

This will be used to regulate the amount of feed entering the swim. Either that or try and put off any nuisance fish that may be attracted to the halibut groundbait.


The Bait-Tech Marine Halibut range are perfect for barbel, the high quality ingredients just ooze flavour and attractors. I have caught some massive weights of barbel and chub on these baits. In my opinion they are by far the best bait available!


These block end feeders are fantastic for delivering these high quality pellets. This allows me to regulate the amount I’m putting into the swim. This can give the fish a good bed of particles to graze over and although I get an instant hit from the groundbait, this is quite often the best way to prolong bites throughout the day.


Vary your hookbaits. This is a double 8mm Super Halibut Marine. Notice how it stands out over the top of the Marine Halibut feed pellets.


Follow the simple steps I have given you and you will soon being seeing sights like this coming towards your net.


What a fabulous days fishing. The wonderful Wye produces again. No monsters but with fish to 9lb and plenty of them, you know you have had a good day when your arms ache! Every one of these fish fell to the Bait-Tech assortment I have described over the last few weeks. Next time you go to the river, get the Halibut Marines out and get bent in!!

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