Anthony Wood

Ant Wood shares a late-September week-day fishing session with us.

“Well I have to say I didn’t expect to get the result I did today.

I arrived to see over 50 Carp all sunbathing on the surface and thought this is going to be difficult – at this fishery when they are sunbathing they usually aren’t interested in eating. Sure enough after half an hour of trying on the surface I had nothing.

Time to rethink my strategy, I had some Bait-Tech Envy Method mix but didn’t want to swap all my gear over so I made it so that I could use it as groundbait and placed a bed of Envy about 3-4 foot out from the bank at the edge of a lily bed.

I then float fished sunken bread flake on a size 4 hook. After about 10 minutes I had my first bite, which was my first ever Grass Carp at about 2lb.

I was well happy.

What followed was a 4 hour session of great fun where I caught two 10lb Carp, three Carp of around 7lb and another of around 5lb. What an absolutely fantastic session at a brilliant fishery.

The fishery was: Barn Fishery, Nuneaton.






















2 Responses to Anthony Wood

  1. malcolm pumford July 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    Hi please can you advise , I make my own bollies, and roll them on a large fixed Gardner roller table , about 30% come off the roller not fully shaped , to explain the middle of the boille seems to split and it appears empty in the middle, so I am rolling again by hand, is this because the nozzle is too small or too large or is it anything else ????
    Many thanks

    Malcolm Pumford

  2. Anthony Wood July 15, 2013 at 8:12 am

    Hi Malcom,

    That’s usually caused by the nozzle being too big. You need to use a smaller nozzle for example if you are rolling 16mm boilies you need to use a 14mm nozzle. Boilie mixture will naturally expand slightly after being compressed through the nozzle which is why you need the smaller nozzle.


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