Omen, naturally brilliant!

The Bait-Tech master Wayne Swinscoe spoke previously about how he targets skimmers and bream through the feeder. He mentioned how his groundbait, Bait-Tech Omen, was suited to both commercial baits like pellets as well as the more renown, natural baits like castors and worms.

We had to dig a little deeper to find out exactly what he meant.


‘I mentioned last time how versatile Bait-Tech Omen is and how it suits both natural and commercial baits. To prove what I mean I have concentrated on the natural side of things and the more traditional bream baits of castors and worms. I now have a groundbait that can do everything I ask of it with any kind of feed. Brilliant!’


Quite often bream fishing can be a waiting game so I like to lay a bed of feed down to give the fish plenty to graze over when they do arrive. Bream can eat an awful lot of feed in a very short space of time so I will often feed balls of groundbait laced with worm and castor over my feeder line. How much will depend on the amount I’m looking to catch but usually I will start by catapulting regular balls for the first ½ an hour to an hour of the match then gauge the response from there.


After my initial feed I rely on my feeder to keep the swim topped up. I do however like to load my feeder with minced worms as this will give the fish plenty to search for as they route through the swim. When they are looking for worms you really can’t give them enough and with a feeder full and a large piece on the hook, bites can be very quick and big weights are easily amassed.


The versatility of Bait-tech Omen is amazing. It’s easy to mix and does everything I ask of it. More importantly, fish LOVE IT!

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