Bream Bonanza!

The open end feeder has been and always will be one of the most effective ways at targeting Skimmers and Bream.

One person who fishes this method better than most is the Bait-Tech master, Wayne Swinscoe. He has been winning matches with this method longer than he cares to admit to so we asked him to take us through his approach to bagging on the open ender.


The one and only Bream and Skimmer groundbait I use these days is Bait-tech Omen. This Garlic rich slightly spiced groundbait has caught me so many fish I don’t ever need to think about using anything else. It so easy to mix and has a super quick breakdown yet will still carry plenty of extra feed should I need it to.


Rigs for this style of fishing are kept super simple. I have used this rig for many years and it never lets me down so have no need to change. I thread a snap link onto the main line and tie it into a large loop. I then tie several smaller loops below the snap link to act as a boom and help kick the hooklink away from the feeder. This way you are left with the nap link running and a 6inch loop. I use a snap link so I can start with a bomb to clip up for accuracy. It then becomes easier to swap to a feeder to fish with and even change feeder sizes without having to break-down the rig.


With warm weather upon us the fish will be feeding well so I always look to add extra particles to the feed to help hold the fish in the peg. Pellets have become a favourite of mine as bream of all sizes love them. You can easily swap this for worms and castors though as the Omen is so versatile it works brilliantly with both.


Maggots are a favourite hookbait but quite often switching to a 6mm Xtreme hooker pellet on a hair rig can really see sport and fish size increase. Keep changing until you find the bait that works on the day. Keep the feed going in regularly, I did today and a lovely bag of skimmers showed just how good Omen can be!

2 Responses to Bream Bonanza!

  1. Paul Huddlestone August 3, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    Hi, would Omen bream and pellets work on big natural waters in Ireland, in depths of 10-14 ft, and would I need to tape up the holes in the feeder, or use a binder with Omen Bream. Paul.

  2. Tony Curd August 18, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    Hi Paul – I regularly use Omen for Bream fishing in the UK in deep slow moving water and have had loads of success with this mix in fact I’d rate it as the best mix I’ve ever used without fishmeal content when feeder fishing. To be honest in 10 to 14ft you’ll not need any binders and I usually try to avoid taping feeders up, preferring to use a standard plastic open ender as you want the feed to come out of the feeder fairly quickly once reaching the bottom there is nothing worse than winding in and spreading the bait. I hope that helps and sorry for the delayed response!
    Kind Regards
    Tony Curd – Bait-Tech.

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