Omen Tops for Bream

There’s still no finer feeling than taking a weight of big bream from a natural lake, whether on the pole or the feeder, and Bait-Tech’s Omen Bream mix is a cutting-edge blend aimed squarely at slabs and those smaller skimmers.

Highly versatile, Omen can be fished through an open end or wrapped around a Method feeder for tip anglers, while on the pole it can be mixed on the dry side to be fed in small balls through a pole cup for little-and-often feeding or loaded with goodies for balling-in on deep swims. One man who knows a thing or two about bream, is Wayne Swinscoe. River legend and former Essex county skipper, Wayne now captains the Maver Bait-Tech side due to do battle this September in the Angling Times Team Champs Final on the bream-packed lakes at Milton Keynes. Who better then to explain the virtues of a bag of Omen?


Omen comes in two kilo bags, one of which is more than enough for most bream fishing situations, and if you want you can increase the food content in the mix by adding plain brown crumb at a ratio of 50/50, which is a classic old-as-the-hills mix. But if the bream you’re after see a lot of pellets, then there’s no harm in swapping the crumb for a touch of fishmeal.


When it comes to polefishing, a good bed of feed is a must to give the fish plenty of grub to graze over. Balling-in by hand is normally the best way to do this, introducing up to a dozen large balls of feed at the start, but there are some fisheries where balling it doesn’t work, especially in shallow swims. Faced with this I’d break out the cupping kit and pop in half-a-dozen smaller balls around the size of a tangerine orange.


If you are aiming to fish the feeder for the bream, then the good news is that Omen is very adaptable and can be fished on open end or Method. When I’m fishing the Method, nothing else goes into the mix as I want the fish to find my hookbait quickly. This offering is normally a banded pellet or two dead red maggots. On the open end though, the opposite applies, and I’ll load the mix with casters, small micro pellets, dead maggots and little chopped worm to give the fish plenty to get stuck into.


As you can see, it’s not only big bream that love Omen! In fact, where skimmer fishing on the pole is concerned it’s pretty much the perfect feed, mixed on the dry side so it just holds together for shallow pegs, or far damper for those deep swims of 10ft-plus. Whatever you’re faced with though, remember to keep feeding regularly as we are in the middle of summer now and those fish will be hungry!

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