Last Week of the Season – Steve Cowley

I kicked off the week with a session along the banks at Littleport, where was joined by mate Eamon. 

This stretch had fished really well the previous day, so hopes were high. I stuck with my usual two-pronged approach here, fishing the feeder at bottom of the far shelf and one other line up top of the shelf.  

Groundbait was a mix I have had complete faith in this year, using it 90% of my trips out, 

Bait-Tech ProNatural Bream Dark and Special G Green.  These two groundbait’s complement each other so well and when mixed together produce a lovely, dark green mix.

The session itself started very slow for me, in fact I was contemplating a first blank in ages. Eamon had caught a bream second cast and even after 90mins, I hadn’t even had a sniff.  

Coffee and sarnie time soon came about, when outta the blue the tip pulled round and the solid ‘nod’ of a bream was felt, very welcome to I might add.  Was this the start of a run of fish? In a word nope, but I did manage another couple of fish. One being a lovely big rudd and the other being what I had hoped for, a lovely Ouse tench. Not the most productive of sessions but a great start to the week none the less, and like my mate Iain always says….it’s better than laying bricks.

Next trip out was along Ten Mile bank, an area I really like, as you can isolate yourself away from the crowds in an area that hasn’t been fished for a while.  One such area was my chosen swim for the day, perfect for the forecast strong back wind and hopefully for a few fish too.  

Opting to fish a one line approach at the bottom of the far shelf, I chose to use my Cadence 13ft #2 feeder rod, CS10 5000 reel, 5lb main line, 012 hooklength and size 16 hook. The shelf here is a little further over then some areas, so with a strong wind forecast, the 13ft would be perfect. Groundbait was my usual mix, of Pro Natural Bream Dark/Special G Green as could see no reason to change. The session itself couldn’t have really gone any better and turned out to be a brilliant day. 

The fish were not climbing up the line by any means, but by chopping and changing about was able to keep a few fish coming to the net, mainly being skimmers and a few bream. I did also manage another tench, which came on the ‘big’ rod I use for baiting up, whilst sat enjoying my dinner. This was a beautiful fish that really tested the gear to the max. 

The afternoon part of session was a little slower, but by swapping over to a window feeder and double caster hookbait, several decent skimmers came to the net.  Absolutely brilliant session in an area that hadn’t really seen an angler in a long while.

The Friday session was again back along Ten Mile and once again I was joined by Eamon. 

I had already decided that where ever we sat, I would be going big or bust. Feeding lots of groundbait, loads loose offerings and fish big baits on the hook, namely double hair rig worm or corn.  

For this I chose to use Cadence 13ft #3 feeder, 6lb mainline, 016 fluorocarbon hooklength and size 14 hook with a hair, a proper take no prisoners set up. Groundbait was the same, which I started off by feeding 15 big feeder full packed with caster, dead maggot, worm and corn.  A full flask, plenty of goodies in the lunch bag and sit back and wait, fishing for hopefully a decent bream or more importantly a ten mile Tinca. 

Starting off on a double worm, I did have odd indications but only from small fish, nothing really worth striking at. A swop over to hair rig worm/corn cocktail did the trick straight away. Within five mins the tip nodded and dropped back, strike and the customary nod of a bream was felt, a great start. Twenty mins later bream number two was in the net, before disaster struck, the dreaded pricked fish which spooks the shoal.

No matter what I tried I couldn’t buy another touch for love nor money. In fact the next fish didn’t arrive until a good two hours after.  Mind you, it turned out to be mission accomplished, as a lovely tench soon graced the net. This turned out to be the final fish of the session……apart from tench number two deep into overtime as I was packing up.  

So that was my Ten Mile campaign finished for another season, but with one day left, hopefully we could find a few fish to finish on. 

The final day of the season and my last of the week, was spent where I had started the week at Littleport. I had decided spend the day with my good friend Iain who knows this water extremely well and is always great to be on the bank with.  We chose to fish an area away from the norm and set about the task at hand. 


Iain’s main approach was to be pole both short for a tench and long for roach. My main approach was again two lines, bottom of far shelf and top. Groundbait mix was the same as used all week, as had plenty left from previous day, just a slightly more refined set up being 12ft feeder rod, 5lb mainline, 011 hooklength and size 18 hook. 

After an hour I knew it was gonna be a tough one, a couple small roach were all had to show for my efforts.  But perseverance paid off in the form of a tench, which was followed not to long after by tench number two. The remainder of the session only produced a couple of skimmers and as the evening was not far away, decided to start packing away. 

Out went the big bait on top of the shelf, just to see if a rogue tinca may be nosing around. Sure enough half way through clearing away, the tip nodded and tench number three came to the net. Making it seven tench for the week, an amazing way to finish the session and also the season. 

So the season came and the season went. As always it’s been an enjoyable time on the bank, if not very testing at times. But thanks to good friends, we get through the bad times and enjoy the good. 

I missed three months through operation and recovery time, but thankfully made up for lost time in the sessions I managed to get in. 

Now I have a three month break before we commence once again, will this be the last one? Only time will tell.  

Take care all, stay safe and it’s a big oooossssshhhh from me.  

Tight Lines 




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